Called by Whispers

My post of today at Contemplative Haven concerns Neven Pesa, a young man who wishes to share his personal story/background, his music and his call to the priesthood.  As I was reading his personal history on his website, A Priestly Vocation, I was very moved by his discernment of the role of Our Blessed Mother in his life.  Neven writes:

Since my early childhood and at every major signpost of my life, the warm covering maternal presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary has been constantly felt.

Because this calling, this incessant whisper of God, has accompanied me and pulled at my heart strings over the years with an increasing intensity, I, on my part, have been trying to reciprocate God’s call with a greater and greater “yes.”

This ‘yes’ owes its strength and grace to the loving intercession of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, where, whilst still in my early teens, the first small seed was planted in my soul and has been silently nurtured by her ever since I made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje a number of years ago – which is not too far from where my parents grew up and where I had spent a number of my early childhood years.

Through Our Lady’s guidance and protection, Neven’s life has become an imitation of her own, and of her Fiat.  May Neven be blessed in his musical endeavours and on his journey to the priesthood.

Here is one of Neven’s beautiful songs, “The Exchange“, which he has set to scenes from the movie, “Mother Teresa”:

Nevan Pesa’s CD, Shekinah Hosanna, is available at CD Baby and you may visit his YouTube Channel here.