DFOT: Message of August 1, 2010

Message from Jesus of August 1, 2010 read by Father Darragh Connolly of Direction For Our Times (DFOT) and the Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ the Returning King

So, let us calmly and daily sow seeds even though we may not be the ones who see the beautiful blossoms or the fields being harvested; we must use all our resources even though we may never be in a position to see the finished product. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to give us patience, perseverence and humility to continue as workers for Jesus, even though the fruits of our labours may not be revealed to us here.

Anne the lay apostle’s talk for June 2010:

How many rays of light do you see when you gaze at the image of the Divine Mercy? Two, one red, one white? Anne sees the number of rays of light that come from the heart of Jesus as uncountable:

…for every person born into time there is a corresponding ray of light, a ray of Divine Mercy that comes from the heart of Christ, and it is in this ray of mercy that we can know Him.

Thank you for your prayers for Anne, a lay apostle. She is recuperating now, and extends her thanks to everyone who prayed for her.  Please see short post at Contemplative Haven today. 

DFOT: Message of July 1, 2010

As we have been talking about the need for holy desires and joy in the comments recently (arising out of Bishop Antonio Bello’s book we are discussing), I would like to share Jesus’ Message of July 1, 2010 (read by Father Darragh Connolly) in which Jesus speaks to us of how to acquire a disposition of joy and of what fatigue can mean for us:

Please pray for Anne, a lay apostle, as she is very ill. [see short post at Contemplative Haven].