Love Came Down At Christmas

“Worship we our Jesus… Through our hearts may His love shine.”

Merry Christmas to all! May your hearts and homes be filled with love and peace.

It’s Christmas Day

The Huron Carol, also known as ‘Twas In the Moon of Wintertime, is Canada’s oldest Christmas carol, with original lyrics in the language of the Huron/Wendat peoples by Father Jean de Brebeuf, SJ.  The carol is widely interpreted; here are three beautiful versions.  Merry Christmas from Canada! 

A Child is Born

Say But the Word

Continuing the theme of the birth of Jesus in our souls as at Bethlehem, here is an excerpt from Meister Eckhart:

…the Father goes on begetting his Son in himself without ceasing, and Father and Son breathe forth with equal power their holy Breath, both Son and Holy Ghost abiding with the Father in the essence, and in the vision of this Trinity of Persons lies the whole happiness of creatures which are able to participate in his divine felicity…. The soul becomes the heavenly habitation of the eternal Deity, and he performs his godly work in her, whence she receives the nectar which is denied to such as have not reached this fiery celestial mind.  For her heavenly Sire begets in her his Son whom she lures out of his Father’s heart, and Father and Son breathe into her their holy Breath, the Son never leaving his Father’s heart but proceeding forth from his Father in such fashion that he ever abides in his Father’s heart.  Thus the Father dwells in the soul; he clasps the soul to his breast, and in this embrace of the Father she conceives within her his Son as a proceeding Person and at the same time is aware of his presence with the Father in his essence…. He can speak but one word, and that Word is eternal:  it is his only-begotten Son.  That is the Word he speaks to the soul, giving birth to his Son in her, and in this birth the Father and Son inspire her with their Holy Ghost which teaches her all things.

Thus the soul gets all things from the Father and has gotten all things in the Son and knows all things in the Holy Ghost and so, possessed of all things, she is resting in God without end.

From:  The Sermons and Collations of Meister Eckhart, Chapter LXVIII [The Powers of the Soul], pgs. 170-171)

Born in Our Hearts

I’ve noticed that ever since my consecration to Mary, when I have questions I’m pondering (see comments of previous post), I am led almost straight-away to answers/helpful insights, such as this.  Thank you, Father Schineller.

Direct to YouTube for this video is here.

From the YouTube Channel “americamag”. (America is a national Catholic weekly magazine published by Jesuit priests and their lay colleagues).

The Divine Child


In “The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin”, taken from “The Mystical City of God”, Venerable Mary of Agreda devotes Chapter 11 to the journey to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.  In this excerpt we pick up the story, as revealed to Venerable Mary of Agreda, after Joseph and Mary have found shelter in the grotto where animals were lodged:

As the night was cold, St. Joseph kindled a fire, after which they took some slight nourishment, and with great interior devotion passed some time in holy conversation.  Then the Blessed Virgin begged St. Joseph to take a little respose, while he, on his part, asked her to do the same.  He prepared and arranged a place for her by covering with some clothes the manger which was in the grotto; then he retired into an obscure corner and began to pray.  Almost immediately he was rapt in sublime ecstasy, during which he beheld all the wonderful events which happened on this night.

In the meantime the Holy Virgin was raised to a state of high contemplation, in which she intuitively beheld the Divinity in a manner so ineffable that human tongue cannot express it.  This ecstasy continued during the hour immediately preceding the birth of Our Lord.  Coming to herself, she felt that the Divine Child began to move in her womb; this motion caused her no pain, but, on the contrary, such inexpressible joy, with effects so supernatural and sublime that the human understanding is incapable of comprehending them.  Her body became so beautiful and her face so resplendent that she seemed no longer like a creature of earth.  She was on her knees, her eyes raised towards Heaven, and her hands crossed upon her breast.

In this humble and pious posture, returning to herself out of her ecstasy, she gave birth to the only Son of the Eternal Father, who was also her own Son – Jesus Christ, our Saviour, both God and Man.  This glorious event happened at midnight, and on Sunday, according to the teaching of the Roman Church.

The Divine Child came into the world most beautiful and resplendent, without detriment to the holy virginity of Mary, for He passed through her virginal womb like a ray of the sun.

His body was glorious and transfigured, for the glory of His soul was reflected on it.  Immediately after His birth, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel [in corporeal form], taking Him in their arms, showed Him to the Holy Mother in the same manner as the priest exposes the Sacred Host to the adoration of the faithful… 

The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin, pgs. 80-81