The Visitation

From:  Mary My Hope [Father Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.] pages 56-57

How humble you were! Though you were the Mother of the Most High, you wanted to become the nurse of Elizabeth and the infant John. Though declared blessed among women, you considered yourself the servant of two of God’s beloved children.

Help me to strive to imitate your wonderful charity by aiding those who are in need, by sympathizing with those who are afflicted, by opening my heart and applying my hands to relieve every form of distress. Give me love like yours, which recognized in every human being a brother or sister in Jesus Christ, to be treated with respect and tenderness and to be aided according to the measure of my power. Teach me that the test of my following of your Divine Son is practical charity. Help me, above all, so that by my good example I may enrich and ennoble every human being whose life I touch.


4 Responses

  1. Amen, amen.

  2. Help me to be a balm for all wounds…

  3. Amen to that, too, fmn.

    I have had reason to click on this tonight.. actually, it was a mis-click –I was aiming for the other–but I’d just had a conversation with Jesus regarding His mother, or perhaps He with me with the look of love for Her.. That is one of the things that bothers me, that I am not gentle like her, not supportive, not tender, not patient. Sometimes kind, but not always going outward. I loved re-reading this tonight. “that I may enrich and ennoble…”

    Amen again.

  4. How I can relate. We do wish to be a balm, like Etty, and kind, gentle, patient, filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and bearing/extending His fruits. Even though I consecrate myself every morning to Mary, along with many other prayers… and within the prayers my eyes, ears, mouth, heart are consecrated… my mouth/tone of voice is not yet fully submitted… especially at home, where it really should be the most. But we shall persevere!

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