Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Every time in the past when I have read Sirach 39:1-11, I have thought of Pope John Paul II, so I share it with you in his honour on this wonderful day:

How different the man who devotes
to the study of the law of the Most
He explores the wisdom of the men of
and occupies himself with the
He treasures the discourses of famous
and goes to the heart of involved sayings;
He studies obscure parables,
and is busied with the hidden meanings
of the sages.
He is in attendance on the great,
and has entrance to the ruler.
He travels among the peoples of foreign
to learn what is good and evil among
His care is to seek the Lord, his
to petition the Most High,
To open his lips in prayer,
to ask pardon for his sins.
Then, if it pleases the Lord Almighty,
he will be filled with the spirit of
He will pour forth his words of wisdom
and in prayer give thanks to the
Who will direct his knowledge and his
as he meditates upon his mysteries.
He will show the wisdom of what he has
and glory in the law of the Lord’s
Many will praise his understanding;
his fame can never be effaced;
Unfading will be his memory,
through all generations his name will
Peoples will speak of his wisdom,
and in assembly sing his praises.
While he lives he is one out of a
and when he dies his renown will not

(My post for Divine Mercy Sunday can be found at Contemplative Haven.)

JPII – We Love You!


One Response

  1. Pope JPII I believe still lives in spirit in all of us, he will always be the Pope and the model of holiness to me …

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