The Visitation

From:  Mary My Hope [Father Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.] pages 56-57

How humble you were! Though you were the Mother of the Most High, you wanted to become the nurse of Elizabeth and the infant John. Though declared blessed among women, you considered yourself the servant of two of God’s beloved children.

Help me to strive to imitate your wonderful charity by aiding those who are in need, by sympathizing with those who are afflicted, by opening my heart and applying my hands to relieve every form of distress. Give me love like yours, which recognized in every human being a brother or sister in Jesus Christ, to be treated with respect and tenderness and to be aided according to the measure of my power. Teach me that the test of my following of your Divine Son is practical charity. Help me, above all, so that by my good example I may enrich and ennoble every human being whose life I touch.

Mystical May

Excerpt from:  The Mystical Rose [John Henry Newman]

May, the Month of Promise and of Joy

Why is May chosen as the month in which we exercise a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin?

The first reason is because it is the time when the earth bursts forth into its fresh foliage and its green grass after the stern frost and snow of winter, and the raw atmosphere and the wild wind and rain of the early spring. It is because the blossoms are upon the trees and the flowers are in the gardens. It is because the days have got long, and the sun rises early and sets late. For such gladness and joyousness of external nature is a fit attendant on our devotion to her who is the Mystical Rose and the House of Gold.

A man may say, “True; but in this climate we have sometimes a bleak, inclement May.” This cannot be denied; but still, so much is true that at least it is the month of promise and of hope. Even though the weather happen to be bad, it is the month that begins and heralds in the summer. We know, for all that may be unpleasant in it, that fine weather is coming sooner or later. “Brightness and beautifulness shall,” in the prophet’s words, “appear at the end, and shall not lie: if it make delay, wait for it, for it shall surely come, and shall not be slack.”

May then is the month, if not of fulfillment, at least of promise; and is not this the very aspect in which we most suitably regard the Blessed Virgin, Holy Mary, to whom this month is dedicated?

Well, May has certainly been a cold, blustery, rainy month so far here in these parts. But with even just a few warm, sunny days, the trees and shrubs have buds, and our rhododendron in the corner of the garden is in full, pink bloom and gorgeousness. The wild, flowering thyme has burst out all around our Mary, and in fact has overtaken the little rock garden (you can’t even see the rocks anymore) and I’ll be surprised if any of the other little flowers can come up from underneath it. Yet I can’t bear to cut it back; at least, not yet.

We are taking the weekend (a long-weekend in Canada) away in Quebec City (with hopefully a wee sidetrip out to Ste. Anne de Beaupré). I hope my old digital will not conk out on me, and I can put up a few pictures when we get back.  Before I leave I’ll just turn the comments off here in case of spam.  Wishing you all a beautiful weekend too, a weekend of promise… and perhaps…fulfillment… 

Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima


Our Lady of Fatima, sent from above,
appeared to three children to tell of God’s love:

Refrain: Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

1. In Fatima’s cove on the thirteenth of May;
the Virgin Maria appeared at mid-day.

2. The Virgin Maria surrounded by light;
God’s Mother is ours for she gives us this sight.

3. The world was then suffering from war, plague, and strife,
and Portugal mourned for her great loss of life.

4. To three shepherd children the Virgin then spoke
a message so hopeful, with peace for all folk.

5. With sweet Mother’s pleading, she asked us to pray,
do penance, be modest, the Rosary each day.

6. All Portugal heard what God’s Mother did say,
converted it sings of that Queen to this day.

7. We all must remember Our Lady’s request,
do all that she asks for, obey her bequests.

8. She warned of behavior from which we must turn,
of thoughts, words, and actions which Christians must spurn.

9. To her sad, sweet pleading our promise is made,
that God’s Law in all things be strongly obeyed.

10. From nation to nation her fair name is praised,
as souls from sin’s bondage are contritely raised.

11. Our thanks to the Godhead, whose ways are so sure,
for giving us Mary, our Mother Most Pure.

12. Our hearts, overflowing with kindness and love,
thank her for God’s graces bestowed from above.

13. Hail, Refuge of sinners! Hail, Star of the Sea!
Hail, Queen of Creation! Our hope is in thee.

14. All hail, Virgin Mary! This Star guides our way,
our country’s Protectress, America’s Way!

Mary, the whole world’s Way, to Jesus.

* * * * * * * * * *

Beatification of Pope John Paul II

Every time in the past when I have read Sirach 39:1-11, I have thought of Pope John Paul II, so I share it with you in his honour on this wonderful day:

How different the man who devotes
to the study of the law of the Most
He explores the wisdom of the men of
and occupies himself with the
He treasures the discourses of famous
and goes to the heart of involved sayings;
He studies obscure parables,
and is busied with the hidden meanings
of the sages.
He is in attendance on the great,
and has entrance to the ruler.
He travels among the peoples of foreign
to learn what is good and evil among
His care is to seek the Lord, his
to petition the Most High,
To open his lips in prayer,
to ask pardon for his sins.
Then, if it pleases the Lord Almighty,
he will be filled with the spirit of
He will pour forth his words of wisdom
and in prayer give thanks to the
Who will direct his knowledge and his
as he meditates upon his mysteries.
He will show the wisdom of what he has
and glory in the law of the Lord’s
Many will praise his understanding;
his fame can never be effaced;
Unfading will be his memory,
through all generations his name will
Peoples will speak of his wisdom,
and in assembly sing his praises.
While he lives he is one out of a
and when he dies his renown will not

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JPII – We Love You!