Something About Mary

Something About Mary is a lovely site brought to us by Totus Tuus-Totus2us which gives us short (usually only a couple of minutes long) daily audio reflections from people all over the world about their relationship with Mary, what she means to them and sometimes little anecdotes.  I’ve been listening to the reflections at Something About Mary for quite a while now, and the variety of personal experiences and the love that is vocalized is often very moving and always uplifting and inspirational.

Yesterday, the first three I listened to each happened to have had an experience at Medjugorje as a turning point in the speakers’ lives, and in each case they said that Mary brought them to Jesus.  The fourth was from a priest of four years who reveals how his consecration to Mary has been of the greatest importance in his life.  I hope you enjoy them.  Something About Mary is a free podcast that you can listen to directly from their site or can be subscribed to through iTunes.

Number 489 – Deirdre

Number 491, Michael

Number 492, Chantal

Number 480, Fr. Nathan, CSJ


6 Responses

  1. I finally did listen to all these. Awesome testimony. I am thinking more and more that it was Mary’s own mantle into which I was gathered up and utterly cherished for a split second those many years ago. Indeed, it is quite possible that my fears at that moment of having committed a horror against Heaven by presuming to speak to my cousin of God’s love (making her spiritual life even harder, I thought), was something she as Mother could not only NOT let me believe, but it would not be something I would lie down with for even one night on that aquarium-lit borrowed sofa.

  2. And awesome testimony from yourself, dear Gypsy. What I love about this podcast is how personal all the testimonies are – real people, real feelings, real relationships with Mary.

  3. Gabrielle, Just to let you know Fr Joseph has added this site to his new blog – and given it ( Our Lady ) top billing.
    Hopefully this will add a little spring zest to everything here and everything Marian.

  4. Thank you, Ann – as you know, I’m sooooooooo behind. Spring zest, yes, that’s what I need! Father J’s new blog is awesome, and I am humbled and thrilled at the same time that he has linked here. He is a very inspiring man in his focus and productivity, isn’t he.

  5. He is indeed, Gabrielle. Our Lady seems to have won his heart and in so doing will no doubt win many others too once they start to read his writings, or happen upon his or your blog totally dedicated to Our Blessed Mother.
    By the way, I’m on probation – have just joined the Legion of Mary – hopefully I too will benefit from spring zest. It’s a learning process for me which I’ll likely share as I progress down this particular Marian way.

  6. That’s wonderful, Ann. We have the Legion of Mary at our parish but they meet on a weekday morning, so I never really looked into it, knowing I couldn’t attend over the years. Yes, please share, and God-willing, I am trying to re-establish a proper schedule of visiting more of my online friends, as I used to be able to do.

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