Something About Mary

Something About Mary is a lovely site brought to us by Totus Tuus-Totus2us which gives us short (usually only a couple of minutes long) daily audio reflections from people all over the world about their relationship with Mary, what she means to them and sometimes little anecdotes.  I’ve been listening to the reflections at Something About Mary for quite a while now, and the variety of personal experiences and the love that is vocalized is often very moving and always uplifting and inspirational.

Yesterday, the first three I listened to each happened to have had an experience at Medjugorje as a turning point in the speakers’ lives, and in each case they said that Mary brought them to Jesus.  The fourth was from a priest of four years who reveals how his consecration to Mary has been of the greatest importance in his life.  I hope you enjoy them.  Something About Mary is a free podcast that you can listen to directly from their site or can be subscribed to through iTunes.

Number 489 – Deirdre

Number 491, Michael

Number 492, Chantal

Number 480, Fr. Nathan, CSJ

Holy Mary, Mother of God

What a very special and full day today! The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, the First Saturday of the month, the World Day of Peace, New Year’s Day, and Consecration Day for Paul of Harbour Star Reflections! May we all say a prayer for Paul today, and also in gratitude for his consecration.

Here is a lovely hymn that is printed in the Magnificat publication for today:

O Mother of almighty God,
Forever blest in all your ways,
Give us your own tranquility,
And strength and comfort all our days.

You are a strong and lovely tree,
The fruit of which is purest gold,
Whose branches spread to shelter us,
Whose quiet leaves all peace enfold.

Pray for us now and when we die,
That we may live and ever praise
The Father, Son and Spirit blest
In endless light and timeless days.


Yes, her “quiet leaves all peace enfold”.