Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary

Blessed Mother, thank you for this gift of the rosary, for all those who have instructed us on how to pray it, taught us so much about it as well as the graces it brings ourselves and others, and for all those who have prayed it for us and with us.  Thank you for this beautiful, contemplative treasure that helps to bring us closer to your Son Jesus throughout all its Mysteries and its mystery.

This beautiful image was found on the site of, which has many wonderful resources such as the Divine Office, several online rosary links, special prayers to Mary, and much more.


6 Responses

  1. Amen to your thank you.

    What a beautiful graphic, and a lovely site.

  2. The rosary was the bedrock of my prayer life. Since I had my “difficulties” last summer I have had a terrible time re-incorporating this beautiful and grace-filled practice back into my life. Part of it is a lack of discipline, part is the tremendous difficulty I now have focusing on anything at all and part of it, frankly, is wounded faith.

    I miss it and it is a gift I want and need to re-embrace.

  3. It was my sister’s feast day yesterday…her name is Rosaria Anna. It was a really hard day and she put a specific prayer up on facebook yesterday about it….Mom is slipping away a bit more every day. Time to make a decision, but something is holding me back from going back just now.

  4. As always Gabrielle, your Marian Blog is a love magnet. I pray others will find it!

    “Two Hearts United!”

  5. C, I just stumbled upon that site, and it certainly is a little treasure.

    Terry, how about starting back with just one decade, or even part of a decade, so you won’t have any feeling of being overwhelmed.

    (((Pia))), since the time you left this comment, I know you decided to fly to the States. I hope your voyage went well and I’m praying for you all during this terribly difficult time by your mother’s bedside.

    Paul, thank you – you always have such kind words for me here. A “love magnet”! That’s exactly what the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary really are!

  6. Amen to that, G.

    Prayers for you/your mom/family, Pia..

    And Terry: one Saturday afternoon, a priest asked me to dust off my Rosary beads and pray a decade for old, sick, forgotten folks as my penance. I probably shouldn’t have revealed that, but maybe it’ll give you a reason to get back to it bit by bit as G suggests. I find I am far more faithful with the Rosary if I pray it with a group, like after or before Mass.

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