Consecration Renewal – Day 33

Day 33 of Consecration Preparation from 2008 (or renewal)

Well here we are, Day 33. It’s been a joy and a challenge. During the span of my renewal period I lost my job, have been sick for about three weeks and weathered a few demanding situations on the homefront. On the other hand, I had some cherished hours in the garden, an unexpected visit from a long-time friend, and the peace that came from doing my renewal readings and prayers every day.

In terms of the blog, there were times when I had a good part of the day to myself, and I thought about doing a week’s worth of posts all at once to get a bit ahead, but Mother Mary said, “No, that is our daily time together,” and so it was. One evening last week, while I was praying, I believe Bishop Bello came to me; I felt a very strong presence, and I believe it was he. I have turned to him quite often over these past few weeks of sharing his work with you, to talk with him.

I want to thank Bishop Bello for his life and his work; the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary for sustaining me and guiding me through my renewal and here on this site, and all of you for sharing this renewal period with me, especially Carol, Pia, Ann, Terry and Ken – thank you for your prayers, support and comments. It means so much to me. 

On Day 23 I had a bit of a struggle with “the dance”, and Pia kindly came to my aid. As I was re-reading Luigi Santucci’s Foreword to Bishop Bello’s book (I had quoted from the Foreword on Day 1) I noticed something that had escaped me earlier, and so I share it now – it is a most fitting way to close:

In his love for Mary, Bello humbly and joyfully associates himself with that extraordinary personage of Anatole France: the jongleur de Notre Dame, who as a friar, wanted to offer the Virgin Mary no other veneration than dancing before her image – expressing his exuberant love in leaps and somersaults.

Thank you everyone, and do keep dancing.


10 Responses

  1. My dance, until I am butterflied by God, can mostly be attributed to uncomfortable kneelings. But I would stop no other from dancing!

    I pray you are feeling better.

  2. I’m on the mend, thank you, anon. I doubt I’ll be doing somersaults in front of Mary’s statue at the grotto at Notre Dame de Lourdes here either (wouldn’t want to end up in a photo-op on the Archbishop’s blog in that position). 🙂 But I may do a few twirls in front of my little sacred space here at home, hopefully without knocking over any bookshelves. 😉

  3. What a beautiful and fruitful path you’ve taken us along, Gabrielle. And so fitting for this difficult time I personally am facing because it has given me strength and serenity. It is almost 2:30 am here and I just finished praying the glorious and joyful mysteries of the rosary. My mother had another stroke a few hours ago and this is the best and only thing I can do right now for her. I need to get some rest now, but I know that Our Lady is keeping vigil over mom and me and my family right now.

  4. I’m terribly sorry, Pia. Prayers for you tonight from here, too.

  5. Yesterday was interesting. This month has been very “busy”, and mostly about the Lord’s business. I was elected president of the Calix Society ( and at our national convention in Omaha, NE the first weekend and am captain of a men’s retreat weekend this coming weekend with between 260 and 280 men expected! As a result I missed a couple days of solid prayer time preparing for the consecration. When I woke up yesterday my initial thought was that I did not get 100% or an A+ on my preparation so I was not fit. But then I cracked open the preparation book to have a look at the Consecration Prayer and when I read the line ” I have not fulfilled my obligations;” I realized this consecration is for me – I NEED THIS CONSECRATION. Jesus does not need me to do it. Mary didn’t need me to do it. I needed to do it for Ken. So I did it and I am so glad I did!

    Pia, you and your mom are in my prayers!

  6. Pia, I really appreciate that, and it was beautiful and fruitful for myself and the readers here to have your input, your help with translations, and all your insights. I’m so sorry about your Mom; I’m sure the rosary is bringing you much comfort and many blessings for her in this very difficult time. I’ll be offering one for her and your family too; I’m so grateful (for all of us) that we can, and have been able to, reach out to so many online friends for prayer over the years.

    Ken, blessings and congratulations to you on your consecration; you were in my thoughts and prayers at Mass. I’m so glad you went ahead with it and did not allow the enemy to dissuade you. I don’t think any of us ever feel fully prepared on our consecration day; I never even feel “perfectly” prepared for my consecration renewals – but we have to remember it’s an ongoing process – deeper and deeper we go, one day at a time.

    Congratulations also on your being elected President of the Calix Society; I hope you receive all the support you need in that regard, as well as for organizing the upcoming retreat. God bless!

  7. Thank you Ken. Are you retreat captain at Malvern this weekend? My dad was just there this past weekend. It’s just 5 minutes from Bryn Mawr rehab where mom was. He had spent Sunday morning with her, made sure she ate her breakfast (and she did, all by herself) and then he left for the 11.00 Mass at Malvern. He then went home to feed the cat and check his mail and was on his way back to Mom, when my sister arrived at the rehab at 2:30. She found mom in a state of confusion and slumped over in her chair, and they have no idea how long she’d been in that condition. It was a second stroke, and she is now at Paoli hospital. Thank you and everyone else for your prayers. Things are not looking too good. She’s lost the capacity to communicate and has lost more strength on her right side.

  8. Congratulations, Ken. I like Calix’s motto as well as its Credo.

    Pia, I don’t know if this new step is toward her physical death soon, but it would seem so. Having worked in nursing homes, I’ve come to think of it as their packing their bags for Home. She is in good hands and is well watched over. If her further and final journey is arriving, know that Mary will indeed be praying for her, right there at the foot or side of her bed (“pray for us, now, and at the hour of our death”). I am now sure that is whom my mother’s (and my uncle’s!) attention rested upon, and hence, truly, my loving daughterly presence wasn’t needed, if even noted. It was scary for me to see, but my uncle reached out both arms to Her, and my mother, too, was uttery filled with solace.

  9. Gab, I closed out too soon. I meant to say thank you (and everyone) so much for the consecration renewal.. things came clearer.

  10. Pia and Carol, isn’t it such an incredible thing to ponder, the Blessed Virgin praying for us – it’s beyond the scope of our understanding, isn’t it. I think we don’t absorb the full significance and power of that, or how could fear continue to creep into our lives?

    My heartfelt thanks to all of you as well – many things came up for me during this renewal – I’m so grateful we did this together everyone.

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