Consecration Renewal – Day 32

Day 32 of Consecration Preparation from 2008 (or renewal)

From “Mary, Human and Holy” (Antonio Bello)
Chapter 31: Companion On Our Journey

[This is the last chapter]

Previously, the first half of each chapter consisted of Bishop Bello discussing Mary, and in the second half he spoke to Mary in a beautiful reflective prayer-like fashion. This final chapter is entirely addressed to Mary. I wish I could share it all, but here are a few selections; Bishop Bello helps us to realize that Mary is not only our companion on our lifelong journey, but very close to us throughout the course of each day.

Holy Mary, tender and strong mother…. Accept our wish to take your hand, and increase the pace of such weary travelers.  As pilgrims in faith, we seek the Lord’s face and contemplate you as an icon of human solicitude toward those in need.

Holy Mary, virgin of the morning…. give us the joy of sensing, even under the mist of dawn, the hopes of the new day… Give to our voices the joy of the Easter alleluia.  Fill with dreams the sands of our realism.  Help us to understand that it counts more to point out the buds sprouting on branches than to lament the fallen leaves.

Holy Mary, virgin of midday, give us the gladness of the light… Water our drought of grace in the palm of your hand… fill our jars with oil destined to burn before God…

Holy Mary, virgin of the evening, Mother of the hour when we return home and taste the joy of being accepted, sharing the gladness of sitting at supper with others, give us the gift of communion…. We ask it for the entire world, so that solidarity among peoples may be rediscovered as the only ethical imperative on which to base human society. Let the poor take their places, with equal dignity, at the table of all, and let peace be the aim of our daily tasks.

Holy Mary, virgin of the night…. Free us from the terror of shadows…. comfort with the strengthening glance of your eyes, anyone who has lost trust in life…. Do not leave us alone in the night to sing of our fears. Rather, if you come close to us in the darkness and whisper that you too are waiting for the light, the tears will dry on our faces. Then we will wake the dawn together. Amen.


4 Responses

  1. Beautiful words with which to finish – and in some cases start a new year of consecration. Thanks , Gabrielle, for all the posts and thanks to Pia and Carol – two souls in for the long haul and cheerful with it.

  2. Aw how sweet of you to say so Ann. I think we’re all in it for the long haul…So nice, this online friendship..It’s been a few years, hasn’t it?

  3. Amen.

    Thank you to all, especially G — doors banged open all along the way! And I think I’ve finally hit a comfortable spot from which to bow down, but I’ve bowed with or without the sigh of peace. It’s only right.

    A happy renewed Consecration/promises day tomorrow to all.

  4. Thank you all so much – I so enjoyed having your company along the way. Ann, I never thought of it as being “a new year of consecration” ahead; I will always remember that now. Peace and hugs to you all, and have a blessed day tomorrow yourselves.

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