Consecration Renewal – Day 24

Day 24 of Consecration Preparation from 2008 (or renewal)

From “Mary, Human and Holy” (Antonio Bello)
Chapter 23: Woman of Holy Saturday

This whole chapter is so beautiful I could hardly decide which few lines to choose. We find Mary on the border again, but this time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, between past and future:

On Holy Saturday, the present seems to oscillate between the past and the future because the absolute and most silent protagonist of this day is Mary. After the burial of Jesus, she kept faith in Jesus alive on earth. Although the wind of Golgotha had blown out all the lamps, hers still burned brightly – only hers. Throughout Holy Saturday, Mary remains the only point of light, a beacon for the blazes of the past and the fires of the future. On this day, she wanders through the roads of the earth with her light in her hands. When she lifts it toward one slope, she evokes memories of holiness from the night of the ages; when she lifts it toward another, she anticipates echoes of future transfigurations from the eternal mansions.

Bishop Bello says something in this chapter that gave me sweet chills of recognition. A number of years ago at Mass I had a sort of experience where it suddenly came upon me that the altar cloths were the linen cloths that had been wrapped around Jesus’ body in the tomb. I suppose I should have known this all my life, but I didn’t. I think of it at every Mass now. Bishop Bello writes that Holy Saturday, “…dawns as the day of hope when we cleanse the linens soaked in tears and blood and dry them in the spring sunshine so they might become altar cloths.” My experience took place as the priest was cleansing the chalice.


2 Responses

  1. What a great insight! I had never thought of the altar linens as Jesus’ burial cloths. Can’t wait to get to Mass now!

  2. Ken, and if you google and read about the linens, the corporal (from the Latin meaning corpus – body!), the pall (like a funeral pall!) and the purificator it’s fascinating all the connections that I never knew before I had this particular experience.

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