Consecration Renewal – Day 14

Day 14 of Consecration Preparation from 2008 (or renewal)

From “Mary, Human and Holy” (Antonio Bello)
Chapter 13: Courageous Woman

[Mary] also had to deal with fear: fear of not being understood, fear of human malice, fear for Joseph’s health, fear for Jesus’ lot, fear of remaining alone….How many fears! If we built a shrine to “Our Lady of Fear,” we could all take refuge in it….

We all face fears: fear of tomorrow, fear that a love cultivated over many years might end unexpectedly, fear for the son who drifts through life and is already over thirty, fear for the youngest girl in the house who stays out late drinking and who refuses to talk about how she feels. We face fears about our declining health, old age, the night, death….

Holy Mary, you gained the palm of martyrdom on Calvary even without dying, encourage us by your example to stand fast even in adversity. Help us to carry the burden of our daily trials not with despair, but with the serenity of those who know that God holds them in the palm of his hand. If we feel tempted to despair because we can no longer stand it, come to our side. Sit down next to us on our bleak sidewalk, speaking over and over your words of hope.


3 Responses

  1. Amen.

  2. What a deep understanding this man (in the sense of a male) has of the fears of a mother. Not that men aren’t afraid of these things, but it’s uncommon to find a man who is capable of putting these fears to words, by putting himself in a mother’s (in Our Holy Mother’s) shoes.

  3. I think the documentary shed light on how he came to have this deep understanding of peoples’ fears and needs, since he spent so much time with everyday, struggling individuals and groups – how he travelled the streets at night finding those who were down-and-out who needed to be taken of, inviting the homeless to live in the spacious living quarters he had been given as a Bishop, and so much more.

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