Consecration Renewal – Day 1

Today I begin my consecration renewal, as I prepare to celebrate the third anniversary of my consecration to Mary this upcoming August 15, 2010 on the Feast of the Assumption.

For my renewal I will be using the same consecration material/resources as when I set up the 33-day preparation for consecration here, back in 2008 (found in the left-sidebar under the category “Day-by-Day”).

But I’ve been so taken with Bishop Antonio Bello’s little book, “Mary, Human and Holy”  (although I’ve only read a little bit so far), that I’ve decided to use it as an extra daily help/guide through my renewal this year.  I hope to be able to post each day of my renewal period (if not, I’ll catch up as quickly as possible), and I will share a few thoughts from the book each day.



Day 1 of Consecration Preparation from 2008 (or renewal)


Of “Mary, Human and Holy” and Antonio Bello, Luigi Santucci writes in the Foreword:

By the end of his text, the bishop and writer, Tonino Bello, appears within his open Marian dimension.  He is neither a hagiographer nor a chanter of praises.  He is a singer in the most lyrical sense, yet he also brings penetrating insight into unfathomed psychological spheres of his lofty subject.  He is not just “devout” but something more:  he is in love, in the fullest meaning of the term. 

 I want to be too.


5 Responses

  1. I decided to work this consecration with you, since I did not do a renewal this year when I should’ve, and because I rarely ever pray for my own virtues (as if that needed saying!).Thank you for posting and re-posting.

  2. I will most certainly be following. I wish you many blessings for the days ahead.

  3. C, that’s wonderful to know; I’m very happy to have your company along the way…

    But just so I don’t give anyone reading here the wrong impression, a consecration renewal certainly doesn’t have to be for any specified length of time, or follow the same 33-day pattern as the original preparation – it can simply be something a little bit special on the anniversary of the feastday of one’s consecration, Mass and Holy Communion if possible, spending time with Mary, the Rosary, restating your consecration prayer, etc. It can be done anyway one is drawn to doing it.

    Terry, I appreciate that so much; your consecration journalling was certainly an inspiration to me.

  4. What a beautiful thing you’re doing Gab…and you are in such good company! Don Tonino Bello…C…Terry…Can I come, too?

  5. (((Certainement))). 🙂

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