Mary In My Garden

Most of us had our young and foolish years, didn’t we, but there’s no time for regrets.  Mary is waiting.  Come and sit with Her a while.



7 Responses

  1. Oh, what a beautiful garden!!

  2. Beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Mary..
    1 With the saints and angels
    2 Gazing upon the Apostles including a former, his replacement, and Paul
    3 In the Cenacle, waiting
    4 Beholding the martyrs
    5 As she hopes God sees Her hidden self
    6 As She sees God’s triune glory
    7 Residing with us, and pondering the unseens of whom Jesus spoke– phlox of which we know not

    (Utterly lovely garden, G)

  4. Thank you, Pia! Some little red climbing-roses just came out yesterday, off to the left of Mary beyond the range of the photos I posted here. They are so lovely. We didn’t realize they were climbing roses, so will have to find something to support them! Don’t want to traumatize them by transplanting them while in bloom!

    Thanks, Terry. We put a little stone bench just in front of the area where Mary is and I’ll be going there to meditate and pray as soon as this heat-wave is over…

    C, that is very much the beautiful fruit of meditation I hope blossoms for me during these summer days as I sit with Her… thank you…

  5. I would ask that for you — or something better.

    : – )

  6. Mystical Rose, Pray for us. Beautiful garden, Gabrielle.

  7. Thank you, C. 🙂

    Amen, Ann, and thank you too!

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