Woman of Silence

Excerpt from:  Mary, Human and Holy (by Antonio Bello).  From Chapter 17, entitled, “Woman of Silence” [pgs. 94-95]:

Holy Mary, woman of silence, tell us of your encounters with God. What fields did you go to on springtime afternoons, far from the bustle of Nazareth, to listen to his voice? What crevices of rock did you hide in as an adolescent, so that the violence of human noise would not profane your encounter with him?….

Holy Mary, admit us to your school. Keep us apart from the marketplace of noise where we risk becoming deaf. Keep us from an idle curiosity for unimportant news, which deafens us to the “Good News.” Help us cherish the silence that restores to us an eagerness for contemplation even in the bustle of great cities. Help us to understand that the great things in life – conversion, love, sacrifice, and death – mature only in silence.



2 Responses

  1. Don Tonino Bello…I’ve posted a couple of excerpts from his books..”Scruffy Slippers” and “To those who feel they have failed”. What a poet! I’ve read many of his books. There are some videos on Youtube, so you can see what he looks like and how he spoke. His beatification process has begun!

  2. Thanks for the info, Pia! I’m sorry I did not remember that, or recognize his name as someone you had posted about before. I will definitely look at some of the YouTubes!

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