The Feast of the Visitation

“The staying of the Mother of God quiets the human mother. The angel could calm Mary with just a few words; Mary, as a human, must proceed more slowly; she calms Elizabeth by staying with her. But she has learned from the angel how one gives peace. She knows from her own experience that the explosive effect of receiving a mission means a disturbance which requires guidance into a new form of calm.”

Handmaid of the Lord, Adrienne von Speyr, page 46

Artwork:  “The Visitation”, by Giotto Di Bondone, circa 1310.  Location:  North transept, Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi


2 Responses

  1. I do believe she’s right.

  2. Yes, I believe so too. I never could have articulated it as she did in the last sentence. And who better than Mary to lead each one of us through the disturbance of receiving our mission to a new form of calm.

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