Mary, Mother of God

Mary, Mother of God (Solemnity).  Theme:  veneration of Mary, Mother of God, and adoration of her newborn Son.

Your name, O Mother of God, is filled with all graces and Divine blessings. You have contained Him Who cannot be contained, and nourished Him Who nourishes all creatures. He Who fills heaven and earth, and is the Lord of all, was pleased to be in need of you, for it was you who clothed Him with that flesh which He did not have before. Rejoice, then, O Mother and handmaid of God!

Rejoice, because you have made Him a debtor Who gives being to all creatures. We are all God’s debtors, but He is a debtor to you. That is why, O most holy Mother of God, you have greater goodness and greater charity than all the other Saints, and have freer access to God than any of them, for you are His Mother. Remember us, we beseech you, in our miseries, who celebrate your glories and know how great your goodness is.

[Saint Methodius, d. 847]

[Prayer taken from: Dictionary of Mary, ]


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