Virtual and Audio Rosaries

Readers have provided me with a couple of excellent links to sites where you can not only learn about the Rosary, but also pray it online.

My friend Carol highly recommends the Virtual Rosary site, and recent commentor Diane let me know about this excellent resource on Father Corapi’s website.

For the past couple of years I have been using the Rosary resources offered by Rosary Army, whose wonderful consecration podcasts I embedded on this site as well.  I downloaded their Rosary recordings onto my iPod, and am able to pray along with them as I ride the bus to and from work.  

The resources available to us now are seemingly endless; you can locate many other wonderful sites through your own search engines. If you spend some time on the sites I’ve linked to here, you will see that they provide information on many topics, along with the Rosary.

Thanks again, Carol and Diane, for sharing your finds, and thank you to all those who are behind the scenes setting up these resources for us. They are much appreciated.

Today is Wednesday. Would you like to pray the Glorious Mysteries with me (it doesn’t matter when you may be reading this, does it? After all, with God, there is no time) – together with Greg and Jennifer of Rosary Army? Let’s.


6 Responses

  1. I did. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Gab. How did you know I was looking for material like this? 🙂

  3. Well, Carol suddenly has to add a caveat to the recommendation.. satan has barged in on the Prayercast module, writing foolishness and code instead of their prayer requests (it uploads without VR’s preview), and last night’s first prayer request was an anti-Christian one for our suffering. The Virtual Rosary is of course as efficacious without the Prayercast, but I am disappointed. However, I am also stubborn and will wait out the little minions rather than lose out on praying with/for those who ask prayer.

  4. Carol, it is lovely to know that we were praying together in spirit, whether in time or out of time. Re the Prayercast component, I guess this is part-and-parcel of having a website or blog…but we can pray for those who leave such comments or requests too. But I was just looking at the stats there, and I see there have been over a million prayer requests over the last five or six years, no? The Lord is using that site far more powerfully than any little minions of the enemy!

    Pia, this was Carol’s suggestion a while back in the comments, but it took me some time to actually get around to posting it. I wish I could work full-time on my blogs and other projects swimming around in my little brain. And since Carol had a caveat, I’ll mention one too: since many of us have admitted in the past that we often fall asleep while praying the Rosary, it may be best not to do the audio Rosary while driving!

  5. LOL! You know, it took me a few hours, post-Rosary, to realize that I had missed praying with you and others via the podcast symbol you posted up there. That is Greg-and-Jennifer’s? It’s lovely! Very lovely to have a human voice or two praying with one’s own, isn’t it, everyone? Especially for the Glorious Mysteries. Yep, the minions are outnumbered, and it is particularly sweet to know we are praying with a young boy who’s losing his mom to stage 4 cancer, and to read of prayers for us who are reading the prayer request. Utter theophany.

  6. Oh Carol, you are too funny. Yes, that’s why I put the embedded Glorious Mysteries there! They really are fabulous over at Rosary Army, all the work they do. And they have two sets of audio Rosary – the other one is a Scriptural Rosary.

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