Feastday of Our Lady of Mount Carmel


Brown Scapular

     Do you know:

  • what Our Lady has promised to those who are wearing the Brown Scapular at the moment of their death?
  • what Mother Mary has promised to those who are enrolled in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular?
  • how to be clothed in the Blessed Virgin’s virtue?
  • how to be protected by Our Lady?
  • Father Angelo tells us in his homily, and it is well worth listening.  Then we can go beyond listening to taking action, and beyond taking action to living this devotion.  Our well-being on earth and the eternal life of our souls can truly be entrusted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.



5 Responses

  1. As a lifelong 5 decade plus Catholic I am/was woefully ignorant of these delightful and gracious promises.

    Frankly, scapulars have always seemed more evidential of superstition than of faith. I believe that I am in for a re-alignment of my beliefs and my perceptions.

  2. Well, I’m going to have to put my scapular back on. My wardrobe is such that the straps always show.. it’s troublesome. But probably not as bad as Hell or even Purgatory, right? How I wish I understood the heavenly life better, but so that I could help apply it here.

    In the beginning of this video, and for the third time this week, I saw the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You might Google it in all its various forms, and tell me whether the aura-burst around her, on the tilma, reminds you of that which burst Christ’s image onto His shroud.

  3. Terry, I too had either forgotton or never knew of these promises and graces (although I had thought about it a while back when, if you remember, Owen blogged about the “green” scapular, and I was wondering at the time why I had never heard of the green scapular but only of the brown scapular). I’m glad that Father addressed the question of superstition in his homily/video. A God-incidence occurred for me; just a few days before I found Father’s video, I found my own brown scapular (which had been either my mother’s or father’s, I’m not sure) where I had tucked it away a couple of years ago so it wouldn’t get lost.

    Carol, I think that was one reason why I had tucked it away – I used to always carry it in my wallet because it’s not always easy to wear it… Re the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I see what you mean, but I had not thought of it myself at all. I wonder if Jerome would have anything to say about that (note to any readers: Jerome, of blog “Living Monstrance” has been very involved of late with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and has a Page on his blog about his travels and talks in that regard). Speaking of such things, I wonder if you have seen this: there is a video, maybe on YouTube, superimposing the Shroud of Turin and the Divine Mercy image over each other again and again; it’s amazing how perfectly they fit into each other.

  4. I don’t know why I didn’t mention Jerome’s wondrous photo filled post.. but for sure, it was in my mind, G — amen, folks should have a look at Jerome. And no, I hadn’t seen that YouTube.. I’ll have a look some night. How intriguing!

    I think I never got enrolled in the confraternity for the Scapular. The straps of my old scapular (obtained at a little side store to a chapel in Cobh) which I had a priest here bless, broke and broke, and one cannot see the images on the scapulars at all… the felt is too short to wear, and it’s not as if 5 years of imagining replacing the felt straps actually works! I got another at the Sorrowful Mother shrine in Bellevue, OH.. and sent it off to California for a blessing.. it was put on the altar during Mass.. whoa.. talk about a blessing. Still, indeed, it’s mostly in a baggie in my purse. I recall the sweetness of seeing them on an old person here and there whom I was about to shower, but you know, once I saw one with its straps all folded up and it was pinned to an upper undergarment. We could do this, right?

  5. Father mentioned how it used to be a practice (did he say upon confirmation?) for the children to be enrolled in the Confraternity, but I wonder if that was moreso in the States, as I do not recall anything like that in my childhood here. So, I have never enrolled either, but am going to look into it after I come back from holidays. Re pinning the scapular to an undergarment, I have also heard of people doing that.

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