Easter Sunday

Our Lady of the Resurrectionblessed-virgin-2

at the Resurrection of your Divine Son,
God’s Anointed One,
your heart was filled with joy beyond all telling
and your faith was wonderfully exalted.
For it was in faith
that you conceived Jesus,
and it was in faith
that you awaited His Resurrection,
the strongest proof of His Divinity.
In the strength of faith
you waited for that day of light and life
when the night of death would be ended,
the whole world would exult,
and the infant Church would tremble with joy
at seeing again her immortal Lord.
You knew at that first Easter
that His Divine life was the model for our lives
and that He has merited for us
the grace of living for God.
Enable me to rise with Jesus spiritually
and live a life free from sin.
Help me to do God’s Will
and to be patient in suffering.
Enrich my soul with sanctifying grace
through Sacraments, prayer, and good works.
And let the life of Jesus grow in me,
so that He may live in me.

(From “Favorite Prayers to Our Lady”)


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