The Annunciation

Excerpt from, The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin, by Venerable Mary of Agreda, pages 52-53:

…Mary was troubled, because, through her profound humility,she believed herself the least of all creatures, and again she could not understand how she was to become a mother, yet, at the same time, preserve her vow of chastity.  The Archangel having explained the difficulties and dissipated her doubts, the Blessed Virgin humbly bowed her head and gave her consent to the ineffable mystery of the Incarnation of the Word.  Absorbed in the thought that God wished her to become His Mother, she offered ardent acts of love and conformity to the Divine Will.  Her chaste heart, generally compressed by the ardor of its motions and of her affection, distilled three drops of blood, which fell into her virginal womb.  Of these the Holy Ghost formed the little body of our Saviour, so that, by the force of divine love, the most pure heart of Mary alone furnished that from which was formed the divine body of the Son of God.  The Incarnation was really effected at the moment in which Mary, bowing her head, pronounced the words:  Ecce ancilla Domini; fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum – “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word.”  At the same instant the most holy soul of our Saviour was created and infused into His body, and His Divinity was united to His humanity by the Hypostatic Union.  This was operated on Friday, the 25th of March, at dawn of day, the same hour in which Adam had been created.


3 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary of your consecration, Gabrielle.

  2. Hi, Carol. Well, actually my own is on the Feast of the Assumption, so it will be two years this coming Aug. 15th. But it was this time last year that we walked through the 33-day consecration on this site, so I wanted to give my best wishes to everyone (on the previous post). The time certainly flies by.

  3. Good heavens, now I recall your sorta re-consecrating yourself with anyone making that journey last year.. yes, time (and apparently memory!) flies by. Yes, to all who made the consecration, happy anniversary. To all who are about to begin, a number of folks will be praying beside you.

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