A Consecration Prayer

For those of you who are making your Consecration to Mary tomorrow, on the Feast of the Annunciation, or renewing your consecration of one year ago or more, I wish you a blessed and peaceful day in the company of our Mother.  I offer up a prayer now that all the external circumstances will come to pass that you are desiring/imagining/preparing the details of in your mind for a beautiful consecration or consecration renewal day.  But we all know the pace of life, the unforeseen events, the “best laid plans of mice and men”.  So be at peace, wherever you may find yourself, with whatever circumstances may arise to change the ideal situation you have been planning.  In our humanity, we receive comfort from our external surroundings, and joy from a beautiful, calm, peaceful environment for special occasions such as this.  But Mary receives comfort from the interior workings of our hearts, joy in our interior environment.  She desires all that is beautiful for us, but understands that “perfect” settings are not always possible.  Be at peace, knowing that we can be in the company of Mary anywhere, all day, every day, forever.

Prayer of Offering to Mary (by St. Francis de Sales)

Most Holy Mary,
Virgin Mother of God,
I am unworthy to be your servant.
Yet moved by your motherly care for me
and longing to serve you,
I choose you this day
to be my Queen, my Advocate, and my Mother.
I firmly resolve ever to be devoted to you
and to do what I can
to encourage others to be devoted to you.

My loving Mother,
through the Precious Blood of your Son shed for me,
I beg you to receive me as your servant forever.
Aid me in my actions
and beg for me the grace
never by thought, word, or deed,
to be displeasing in your sight
and that of your most holy Son.
Remember me, dearest Mother,
and do not abandon me at the hour of death.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Gabrielle,
    I was just passing by for the first time in a long time. I hope you are well. I thought I’d share this consecration prayer with you, in case you found it inspiring. It is my favorite:

    Totus Tuus – totally yours,
    Immaculate Conception,
    Mary my Mother,
    Live in me, act in me,
    Speak in me and through me,
    Think your thoughts in my mind,
    Love through my heart,
    Give me your dispositions and feelings,
    Teach, lead me, and guide me to Jesus.
    Correct, enlighten, and expand my thoughts and behavior,
    Possess my soul,
    Take over my entire personality and life,
    Replace it with yourself.
    Incline me to constant adoration,
    Pray in me and through me,
    Let me live in you
    And keep me in this union always.

  2. It’s beautiful, Jerome; thank you! I just stopped by your blog tonight too for the “first time in a long time” before I saw your comment here. Maybe we’re thinking of each other because of Divine Mercy Sunday coming up. I believe it was on Divine Mercy Sunday last year that I first “met” you online! Is this prayer one you wrote? or JPII? It encapsulates everything beautifully.

  3. Gabrielle, what a funny “God-incidence”. And today is Divine Mercy Sunday!

    This prayer is commonly attributed to JPII, but I don’t know if that’s true, so I never know how to reference it. It was a prayer the Franciscans prayed. But it always really spoke to me deeply about Marian consecration.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe has been an ever-growing presence in my life over the past year. (There is a missionary image that I’ve been helping to travel around Boston: http://livingmonstrance.stblogs.com/the-missionary-image-of-our-lady-of-guadalupe-boston-2009/) I see this prayer as being fulfilled in St. Juan Diego, in his tilma image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And I recognize Our Lady of Guadalupe as the model manifestation of consecration to Mary. It needs more explanation ….

    Some day I hope to write out the talk I’ve had the privilege to give on the image. It is about the Guadalupan event (as it’s called) and Consecration to Mary, and how these are truly Gospel events. I think you would find grace in the insights – I do very much!

  4. Thank you, Jerome; I’ll be reading the post at the link you left, and am looking forward to reading the talk you give concerning the image, whenever you have the time to write it up. It would be lovely to link to it in a post here as well. You do so much good work/ministry – may God continue to bless you and Mary protect you in all that you do.

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