Songs for Mary

The latest episode of one of my favourite podcasts,  Catholic Praise Cast, is dedicated to Mary.  Just click on #22 in the sidebar of Catholic Praise Cast to listen, or you can download the podcast if you’d like.  I particularly like the last song, called “Come Hold My Son”, by Thirsting.


10 Responses

  1. It may be true for more than me, but I’m afraid to listen to it!

  2. “Be not afraid; I go before you always.” 🙂

  3. ROFL. In God’s name, who can resist you?

  4. It’s so nice, it made me think this could be why the Magdalen was allowed to stay until the end, and then some. One fine day, she was never again to be found far from the Master’s feet –always clinging, holding Mary’s Son, in life, then in death, and then beyond..for a moment. And was this other holding of Jesus at the Deposition, Mother Mary’s only earthly solace? How little, if so; yet it would’ve meant everything to Her, as His Mother in seeing love for precious Him, but above all, in seeing His and her own torturous agonizing mission successful: Us, holding Him.

    There are so many more thoughts going through my head that run so far back and so far forward in His life, and Hers, and ours, it’s really better not to post them.

    And indeed, I was right to fear you’d dump me out of my most rarely breached comfort zone.

  5. Hello again,
    I,too,love the CatholicPraiseCast and love to listen to it on my drive to work. Also, I am really focusing on Consecration to Mary too. I will add your blog to my blog’s sidebar and check in to ready your thoughts.
    Roz (aka Bella)

  6. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m trying to make more, so keep praying for the PraiseCast and the people it brings closer to Christ and his blessed Mother.

  7. C, I really thought you’d like it. Those darn comfort zones of ours; we’ve really got to do something about them!

    Roz, it’s great, isn’t it. I listen to them over and over! Thanks so much for adding me to your sidebar. I think I added you over at Contemplative Haven (but I’ll double-check), because in my sidebar here I have mainly Marian resources, not bloggers per se. I’m very happy you’re thinking seriously about consecration to Mary. If you click on the “Select Category” in my left sidebar, you will see several categories with Consecration posts: general info, schedule, preparation, resource material, your consecration day, etc. We walked through it here on the blog, day by day, for both the 33-day Immaculate Heart of Mary preparation and the 33-day St. Louis de Montfort preparation, with both written and audio resources. You can start on any date you want, or choose a date to coincide with finishing on a Marian feastday. It will be one of the most joyous and rewarding things you will ever do in your life! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    George, that’s so nice that you stopped by; I appreciate it. I really love your podcast, and even if you are very busy and have to take some time inbetween them, they are worth waiting for. I will say a prayer for you and your listeners every time I tune in!

  8. Well.. the thing is, there is a holy eternal life that awaits us in Heaven or Paradise, whatever we call it, and I think we really cannot fathom from here the scope of that life ahead (without divine and motherly grace and assistance) any more than we could fathom from the womb this bi-ped, air-breathing, world-living life we presently exist in. There aren’t many who ask one to step out of their comfort zone and truly begin to plumb that world ahead right here and now; the great draw is that it will please the Lord, but we adoptees know from the outset that a Saviour-bequeathed Mother who lived holily here for all her life and who is now Queen of Heaven as well as Spouse of the Holy Spirit surely will accompany and teach us.

  9. I guess I see the “comfort zone” in a couple of ways. If I have a tendency to try to get people to step out of their comfort zones (and probably moreso at Contemplative Haven than here), and to “plumb that world ahead right here and now”, I hope it is something I have learned from Christ’s three years of public life and teaching; He didn’t have time for comfort zones, did He… but He was usually only stern with the Pharisees and very gentle with everyone else…

    The other way I see “comfort zone” is in relation to our lives in this world. Many of us would have no comfort zone here if not for the indwelling Trinity and our communion with Mary and the saints and the angels. Yes, the scope of heaven is beyond us in its entirety, but the more we live our lives in daily communion/communication with the heavenly beings, the more of heaven and heaven’s ways will be revealed to us while we are still on earth, and this is the way we are being prepared – for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for Christ’s return, and for our eternity in heaven.

  10. Roz (Bella), I can’t find your blog “Our Beautiful Catholic Faith” anymore on blogger. Have you started a new one somewhere? Please let us know, if you read this comment. God bless!

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