Born in Our Hearts

I’ve noticed that ever since my consecration to Mary, when I have questions I’m pondering (see comments of previous post), I am led almost straight-away to answers/helpful insights, such as this.  Thank you, Father Schineller.

Direct to YouTube for this video is here.

From the YouTube Channel “americamag”. (America is a national Catholic weekly magazine published by Jesuit priests and their lay colleagues).


3 Responses

  1. His first line, a quote of M.E., is so simple, yet so staggering!

  2. What the American bishops say at the end, their taking the message of St. Francis one step further is similar to what Etty says about making room in our hearts for God, but also helping others create a dwelling place in their hearts. Beautiful message! Thanks Gab!

  3. Carol, yes, and it reminded me of St. Paul too, of us dying daily, but Christ is born in us daily…it is not I who live but Christ who lives within me…

    Pia, that’s very true, and I went back to your post of Dec. 14th and those were the lines that had struck me so very much when I first read them (where Etty speaks of being able to “read” people, and uses the metaphor of people being like houses): “And I promise You, yes, I promise that I shall try to find a dwelling and a refuge for You in as many houses as possible. There are so many empty houses and I shall prepare them all for You…” So beautiful.

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