Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary, Our Model in Suffering

O Mary, you became my Mother at the height of suffering and trials. Hence, I must have a great and complete trust in you. Whenever I am subjected to trials at the hands of creatures and am exposed to temptation and desolation of soul, let me take refuge in your Heart, my Good Mother, and call upon you for help.

Do not let me perish but give me the grace to be submissive and confident in trials after your example. Let me suffer with love. Let me stand, like you, at the foot of the Cross, if that is the Will of your dear Son.

Never will a child perish who is devoted to Mary. O good Mother, have mercy on me. I give myself entirely to you so that you may give me to your dear Son, Whom I desire to love with all my heart. Bestow on me, good Mother, a heart burning with love for Jesus.  [Saint Bernadette]

I’m sure most people have watched scenes from the Passion many times, but I wanted to share this beautiful song with you, brought to my attention by a good friend.

But Mother Mary would never say, “He’s not just anyone”, would she. Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady by any of her magnificent names, Our Mother, would go through this for anyone, for each one of us, and does.

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