The Holy Name of Mary

Today I would like to share a passage from Venerable Mary of Agreda’s, “The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin [pgs. 17-18]”, taken from her work, “The Mystical City of God”.  The event being described takes place shortly after St. Ann had given birth to Our Lady:

After they [the angels] had rendered their homage, God sent the Archangel Gabriel to announce the good tidings to the holy patriarchs in Limbo.

At the same time He ordered an innumerable multitude of Angels to transport into Heaven the body and soul of her who was to become the Mother of the Eternal Word.  At her entrance into Heaven, the little Mary prostrated herself with love before the royal throne of the Most High.  She was received by God Himself upon His throne, and the titles of Mother of God and Queen of all creatures were given to her, although she remained still ignorant of the designs of this profound mystery, God concealing them from her for His greater glory.  It was determined to bestow a name on this well-beloved child, and a voice, proceeding from the throne of God, said:  “Our chosen one must be called Mary.  This name shall be marvelous and magnificent.  Those who will invoke it with devout affection shall receive abundant graces; it shall be terrible against Hell, and shall crush the head of the serpent.”

The Almighty commanded the angelic spirits to announce the blessed name to St. Ann, so that what had been decreed in Heaven might be accomplished on earth.  The Angels appeared to St. Ann, bearing luminous bucklers, on which was inscribed the name of Mary, and announced to her that this was the name to be bestowed upon her child.


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  1. Gabreille, can you tell me briefly what initially drew you to this devotion and what developed over time to bring you to the place you are today? By email or here in the comments. No hurry. Peace be with you.

  2. This is something I’ve never come across before, Gabrielle. The communion between the child who was to become the Mother of God and Heaven seems natural indeed, as is the better known association with Heaven’s messenger.

    On a slightly different topic, I discovered only yesterday that the Irish man – Frank Duff, who founded the Legion of Mary was prompted to do so while/ after reading the writings of St Louis de Montfort, and as we all know the Legion is now a world-wide apostolate.

    I have to say Gabrielle, on a personal level I have been greatly encouraged by the intercessory power of prayer to the the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is something I had not undertaken before coming to this blog.
    So many intentions of mine have been granted or fulfilled – often in a most surprising way that can only be put down to grace. Thank you, Gabrielle.

  3. Owen, I would be pleased to do that; I’ll post something here, and I appreciate the “no hurry”, but I’ll try not to take too long either. 😉

    Ann, I have never come across this before in any other revelations either; I’ve been desiring to read The Mystical City of God for ages, but it is a four-volume expensive collection! So I was very pleased to find that the divine life of Mary had been extracted and put into a small paperback version. I am just in the midst of reading it now.

    That is most interesting about Frank Duff; I may have read that somewhere before, but I did not remember it. I have had the same experience as you with prayers of petition to the Immaculate Heart of Mary since my consecration; the swiftness of Mary’s response has absolutely left me overwhelmed, and sometimes I only recognize her hand in it at a slightly later date, and then I remember what I asked, and feel very sheepish for not instantly recognizing what has taken place. She is so loving, amazing and humble in always wanting to be hidden; she is very slowly now (or Jesus is?) allowing me to see how she has been intervening all my life.

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