Feast of the Birth of Mary


Liturgical Theme:  Joy at the birth of she who is the dawn of our salvation.

“The birth of Mary is ordained in particular toward her mission as Mother of the Savior.  Her existence is indissolubly connected with that of Christ:  it partakes of a unique plan of predestination and grace.  God’s mysterious plan regarding the incarnation of the Word embraces also the Virgin who is His Mother.  In this way, the Birth of Mary is inserted at the very heart of the History of Salvation.”

[Dictionary of Mary:  pg. 51]





Mary our hope,
I rejoice with the Blessed Trinity
on your birthday
because you were to take part
in the Incarnation and Redemption of the world.
I rejoice with all humankind
because you are our life.
You bore Jesus,
Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
and Who was to restore to humankind
the supernatural life that had been lost.

I have every reason to rejoice,
for as the Mother of Jesus and my Mother
you are my hope of salvation.
Through your prayers,
may I learn to know and love you more
and ever remain your faithful child.
This is my sure way of reaching heaven and my God.

[Favorite Prayers to Our Lady, pgs. 156-157]


7 Responses

  1. Amen

  2. I love the artwork. God bless you on this special day.

  3. Hi Carol. Have not forgotten my “plan” for here! I’m reading so many amazing things, I have no idea where to start (so as usual, it will probably be in the middle). 🙂

    Owen, sorry I didn’t see the name of the artist anywhere, but it is lovely, isn’t it. Thank you for you wishes…

  4. A lovely post and a simple prayer – so honest, straight forward, child – to – mother language.
    I haven’t forgotten your plans for here either, Gabrielle. Looking forward, God’s blessings on all you do here, and all you provide.

  5. This place breathes quietly, like a gentle woman, all this time. I’ve not noted anything missing. No hurry.

  6. Greetings from the St. Paul Seminary!

    I would like to find a song for the Birth of Mary. Our seminary has the opening Mass that day. Thanks for your help.

    In Christ through Mary,
    D. Jon

  7. Hello Deacon Jon,

    I don’t know of any hymns specifically for the nativity of Mary (but if anyone reading here does, I hope they will leave a comment). In googling around, I noticed in several places that the hymn, “Mary the Dawn”, is often used (of medieval origin, apparently, and very much in the spirit of ‘to Jesus through Mary’. It is hauntingly beautiful. Here is a link to the sheet music (Adoremus Hymnal):

    Mary the Dawn

    I’ve heard several versions of it, from a simple chant to beautiful harmonies. The Daughters of St. Paul recorded it on their CD “Stella Maris”, if you happen to know someone who has it so you could listen to it. Please let me know what you end up using; I’m curious now! 🙂

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