Mary, Mother of Sacred Healing

Radiant Mother of sacred healing, O Mary, you poured salve on the lamentable wounds that Eve caused to torment our souls. For your salve is your Son, and you destroyed death forever, giving rise to life. Pray for us to your Child, O Mary, Star of the Sea.

You are the source of life, sign of gladness, and sweetness of all unfailingly flowing delights. Pray for us to your Child, O Mary, Star of the Sea.

Glorify the Father, the Spirit, and the Son. Pray for us to your Child, O Mary, Star of the Sea. 

[Saint Hildegard of Bingen] 

Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary, Our Model in Suffering

O Mary, you became my Mother at the height of suffering and trials. Hence, I must have a great and complete trust in you. Whenever I am subjected to trials at the hands of creatures and am exposed to temptation and desolation of soul, let me take refuge in your Heart, my Good Mother, and call upon you for help.

Do not let me perish but give me the grace to be submissive and confident in trials after your example. Let me suffer with love. Let me stand, like you, at the foot of the Cross, if that is the Will of your dear Son.

Never will a child perish who is devoted to Mary. O good Mother, have mercy on me. I give myself entirely to you so that you may give me to your dear Son, Whom I desire to love with all my heart. Bestow on me, good Mother, a heart burning with love for Jesus.  [Saint Bernadette]

I’m sure most people have watched scenes from the Passion many times, but I wanted to share this beautiful song with you, brought to my attention by a good friend.

But Mother Mary would never say, “He’s not just anyone”, would she. Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady by any of her magnificent names, Our Mother, would go through this for anyone, for each one of us, and does.

The Holy Name of Mary

Today I would like to share a passage from Venerable Mary of Agreda’s, “The Divine Life of the Most Holy Virgin [pgs. 17-18]”, taken from her work, “The Mystical City of God”.  The event being described takes place shortly after St. Ann had given birth to Our Lady:

After they [the angels] had rendered their homage, God sent the Archangel Gabriel to announce the good tidings to the holy patriarchs in Limbo.

At the same time He ordered an innumerable multitude of Angels to transport into Heaven the body and soul of her who was to become the Mother of the Eternal Word.  At her entrance into Heaven, the little Mary prostrated herself with love before the royal throne of the Most High.  She was received by God Himself upon His throne, and the titles of Mother of God and Queen of all creatures were given to her, although she remained still ignorant of the designs of this profound mystery, God concealing them from her for His greater glory.  It was determined to bestow a name on this well-beloved child, and a voice, proceeding from the throne of God, said:  “Our chosen one must be called Mary.  This name shall be marvelous and magnificent.  Those who will invoke it with devout affection shall receive abundant graces; it shall be terrible against Hell, and shall crush the head of the serpent.”

The Almighty commanded the angelic spirits to announce the blessed name to St. Ann, so that what had been decreed in Heaven might be accomplished on earth.  The Angels appeared to St. Ann, bearing luminous bucklers, on which was inscribed the name of Mary, and announced to her that this was the name to be bestowed upon her child.

Feast of the Birth of Mary


Liturgical Theme:  Joy at the birth of she who is the dawn of our salvation.

“The birth of Mary is ordained in particular toward her mission as Mother of the Savior.  Her existence is indissolubly connected with that of Christ:  it partakes of a unique plan of predestination and grace.  God’s mysterious plan regarding the incarnation of the Word embraces also the Virgin who is His Mother.  In this way, the Birth of Mary is inserted at the very heart of the History of Salvation.”

[Dictionary of Mary:  pg. 51]





Mary our hope,
I rejoice with the Blessed Trinity
on your birthday
because you were to take part
in the Incarnation and Redemption of the world.
I rejoice with all humankind
because you are our life.
You bore Jesus,
Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
and Who was to restore to humankind
the supernatural life that had been lost.

I have every reason to rejoice,
for as the Mother of Jesus and my Mother
you are my hope of salvation.
Through your prayers,
may I learn to know and love you more
and ever remain your faithful child.
This is my sure way of reaching heaven and my God.

[Favorite Prayers to Our Lady, pgs. 156-157]