Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

From:  The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great

…it was revealed to her that on the day previous to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin she [Mary] had been so absorbed in God, from the hour of None until the moment of her happy departure from this world, as to have nothing human in her, to live only by the Spirit of God, and to taste in anticipation all those celestial joys which she soon experienced perfectly and eternally in the bosom of God; and that at the third hour of the night Our Lord came for and took her to Himself with exceeding joy.

Ave in aeternum   (thanks to:  Nicholas Wilton Sacred Choral Music)


3 Responses

  1. Beautiful, Gabrielle, in every way. The words, the painting, the music are all exquisite. The sun at Our Lady’s head, the moon at her feet, Queen of heaven and earth. In one of Jessica Powers poems the first line and maybe even the title is : I walk in a cloud of angels, and here isn’t it the same.

  2. Gabrielle, remembering your important intention today.

  3. Thank you, Ann. A glorious feast, and what a glorious experience for Mary and all the angels and saints who surrounded her and witnessed it.

    Owen, I deeply appreciate your prayers today, the renewal of my consecration day. The house is empty for a few hours, and my heart is full. Tonight, an outdoor Mass for the feastday at Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto here, followed by a candlelight procession. But you know, every day now is renewal day, for the rest of my life, and what a sense of peace, focus and stability this has brought to me. After years of begging our Lord for a “spiritual director” He has given me His own Mother, and my life will never be the same. Wishing you many blessings today as well, Owen.

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