Our Lady of Lourdes, from India

Mid-June, over at Contemplative Haven, I posted a link to a video of the trailer/promo for the movie, Our Lady of Lourdes, written and produced by Mr. Kamalakar Rao Ponnapalli.  As well as wishing to help in some small way to spread the word about this movie, I was curious as to why Mr. Ponnapalli, a Hindu, was inspired to create a movie about a Catholic saint and the Blessed Virgin (and to dedicate ten years of his life to it).

Mr. Ponnapalli has kindly sent me an article previously printed in Lourdes Magazine, from which we can gain some further insight into the motivating forces behind the creation of the movie. If you click on the article it should expand, and you may click once more to get it to a readable size.


Mr. Ponnapalli was inspired by the fact that a simple girl like Bernadette could be used as an instrument of God, and he wished to express this to the people of India, so that they too would understand that wealth, roots, health and power are not necessary in the sight of God, and are not prerequisites for making a difference in this world.  It is quite exciting to read that even though Mr. Ponnapalli received guidance from both a Catholic priest and a Catholic Brother regarding the film, things did not really flow smoothly until after a visit to Lourdes in 2005. His spontaneous meetings with various people who proved to be of great benefit in the creation of the film were “encounters arranged by Mary”, Mr. Ponnapalli believes – he even uses the word miracle!  I was reflecting on all this when I happened upon a passage in my Redemptorist “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” book, which seemed to me to be quite appropriate in terms of Mr. Ponnapalli’s experience with Mother Mary:

In these pages we are not using the word “miracle” in the theological sense as when we speak of the miracles of Jesus or the miracles recognized by the Church in the process of canonization of the Saints.  Here we use the word “miracle” in a wider sense as used by the faithful.  It is not a question of dogmas of faith but rather, experiences of faith.  In this Christian sense, these “miracles” also have norms of certitude.  In the idiom of the faithful a miracle is a grace, a help, a protection, a favor asked for and received, an experience of inner peace.

Truly, Mary is Our Lady of All Nations and the Mother of All Peoples.  Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us, Mr. Ponnapalli; the miracles of Lourdes continue!


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  1. Amen

  2. i want to share with you some interesting incidents that took place during the shooting of the film. there was a small girl of 9 years (the name i do not remember) who is deaf and backward too. but her parents want her to be in the film as the companion of Bernadette. we have obliged their request. we had tough time in managing her as she could not respond to our instructions. after some days of attending the shooting ,she improved a lot to the surprise and happiness of their parents and she was asking through sign language what she should do next. i should say that an unseen force was guiding the little girl due to which there was improvement in her ability to understand what was happening around her.

    we were worried about our grotto set we erected for the shooting of our film as there were very heavy rains in the town. we do not have funds to erect the set if it gets drenched by rain. but to our surprise and luck there was no rain at the shooting spot for 2 days although it was raining heavily every where. but we successfully completed our shooting and after the completion of the shooting, the very next minute it rained heavily at the location spot too – but we were saved. i think it is an unusual thing.
    regards-kamalakar rao ponnapalli

  3. Hi, C! 🙂

    Mr. Ponnapalli, thank you for sharing these wonderful memories with us. It does seem as if there was much grace flowing on/through that movie set, touching everyone and bringing all things to fruition, through Mother Mary’s intercession. I enjoyed very much reading your remembrances.


  5. Mr. P, I am so happy for you. I got your email too, and the photocards are marvelous. After I read your email I was thinking, it’s been a very, very long time since I heard anyone say that their dream had come true! I’m truly thrilled at this wonderful development.

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