Feastday of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Grace will flow through her gentle hands and fall on the book that her Spouse will write for you, and all will become simple, because fundamentally, it will be the book of love. All things are simple to those who love.

And as you go through this, you will notice, finally, that she has spoken very little, that you have learned at the knees and feet of her silence, that it has enveloped you with a mantle fragrant and sweet. And whenever her silence has touched you, it has healed, and made you whole. And you will learn to be silent, silent with a depth of silence that alone allows others to hear the voice of God in you.

So, gently and slowly, you will walk with her, all of you here, and everyone else to come, unto the end of time. You will walk with her through the whole life of her Son, step by step, day by day, hour by hour, for she alone can lead you.

There, in that school of love, you will learn how to restore this world to God through her. You will know that the restoration lies not in what you do but in what you are. And you will understand that you must be nothing, nothing but a sheet of flame as a backdrop to God. Christ-bearers, life-bearers, lovers, that’s all. The rest shall be added to you. She will see to it that it will[Catherine Doherty: Bogoroditza, pg. 110]

“Bella Maria”, by James Hooker, found at Catholic Planet


10 Responses

  1. Too much can never be written about Mary…..just as she is the source of so many graces her affect on our lives is an inspiration. Beautiful, Gabrielle.

  2. I trust in Her, too.

  3. Oh good heavens, it’s her Feast Day! No wonder I felt a special calming, a special reassurance that all would be well. I laid my hand on both S and his mom, and asked Her to obtain and convey.. whatever was needed. Little S took a fish hook in his eye, and his mom who is sick as a dog so freaked out to see it, she put her fist through the front door glass. My car almost died on the way to the hospital–all the transmission fluid leaked out so we rather hopped all the way..I got down on my knees in the parking lot, and asked one more time. A Murphy’s law kind of a night, yeah, but I marveled at my holy calm. At the hospital, when the nurse told us the Doc said it missed his eyeball, we all burst out crying. Then, the nurse did, too. J said it must’ve worked itself out a bit, as it was bad when he looked at it down at the river, and I’d thought so, too, as he came into the driveway. Nah, Mary arranged to work it out, I am utterly convinced. Praise God, and thank you, too, Mary.

  4. Thank you, Ann. I visited a little today at Clonard and Mount St. Alphonsus webcams. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful feastday.

    C, I am so sorry for all these troubles. Poor little S and his mom, and all of you, with the shock. Thank you, Mother Mary, that S’s eye has been saved, and I pray that he is not in too much pain. I would like to share a little prayer that I found at a Marian site, in thanksgiving for Mary’s intercession today with this terrible accident:

    “Mother of Perpetual Help,
    we who call on your most powerful name,
    thank you for the graces we have received
    through your intercession
    and for hearing our prayers today:
    For God who is mighty has done great things through you,
    and God’s mercy is from age to age,
    on those who fear him. Amen.”

  5. Amen. :’-) And there is another reminder in all this. Despite the fact that the waiting room was more full than one ever usually thinks of it, S was brought right in –and no one minded, God bless them. The world truly loves kids; one can never doubt it. S’s need was bad enough, but I couldn’t help thinking of children who take shrapnel to the eye, and landmines to the legs. We must do whatever we can to prevent such horror, but that is very little; we must ever so helplessly place all children in Mary’s hands. As we went to and from the different rooms for different procedures, everyone in the ER rooms (there were so many, and all were filled), those on the tables and those with them– all looked up, so greatly in need, a silent, “Help us. Help us.” One could’ve stayed all night, just to comfort or pray, especially with those who had no one with them. The world desperately needs a Mother.

  6. “All things are simple to those who love”

    “nothing…but a backdrop to God”

    When one loves, one cannot help but happily be backdrop to the Loved, to propel the Loved more and more, that others love the Loved and be Loved, too.

  7. Hush, yes, “to propel the Loved more and more”, and so that all eyes will be focused where they should be, on God! When I think of “backdrop” I usually think of the coloured wall/sheet a photographer uses behind the person being photographed, but I looked it up too, and it says the painted material stretched across the back of the stage…

    Catherine Doherty says if we are to be backdrops, we are to be sheets of flame! And yet that fiery flame is still only a backdrop to the Light!

  8. Yes. Hers is one of the sweetest musings/invitations I’ve ever seen.

  9. oh mother of the lady of all the nations……. please help us everyday so that we can go now in austrilia now please we really need youre help…….. amen

  10. Kim, I pray that your own prayers will be answered – that, or something better, as my friends and I often say now. May Our Lady bless and protect you in all your future endeavours.

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