Icon Intrigue (Part 2 of 2)

In my post a few days ago, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I featured an icon which I had seen on the website of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Eparchy of Newton, MA.  I incorrectly presumed that because it was unidentified in terms of being the work of any current artist, it was a very old icon and “in the public domain”.  As a matter of fact it was not, and although I was graciously given permission after the fact to use it, after two years of blogging I should have been more diligent!

The image on the Melkite website is actually a photograph taken by the webmaster, Paul Stamm, of an icon enshrouded in a little mystery of its own.  The icon was found in the attic of the rectory of St. George Melkite Catholic Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  No one knows how old it is, who painted it or how it came to be there.  The icon is now on display in the basement hall. 

I have scoured the web looking for any other site featuring this image, but to no avail. The chances are likely one in a million that anyone who happens upon my little blog will know anything about the origin of this icon, but I have learned over the last couple of years that when Mother Mary is involved, anything can happen!

So if by chance you have any information about it at all, please click on this link to the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Eparchy of Newton, MA, scroll down, and you will see a link to Paul Stamm and his email address. I’m sure he would be very pleased to hear from you.

Just one more thing (and I haven’t discussed this with Paul because I only saw it myself late last night).  Look at the right-hand side of the icon (as it faces you).  Look in the space between Baby Jesus and the edge of the icon, from top to bottom.  Do you see anything unusual?  I’ll tell you in the combox if you’ll tell me!  Unfocus your eyes a little bit if you have to, but you may not have to.  I didn’t…


7 Responses

  1. Jesus crowned, His Sacred Heart exposed?

  2. Merci Dieu, I am not crazy. Either Jesus or a priest, in vestments, heart exposed, eyes gazing downward. Oh thank goodness you saw it too!

  3. And now I’m the one saying, “Merci Dieu, I am not crazy!” The story of this icon is intriguing, huh?

  4. I see an image, watermark, or shadow of a male looking young person.

  5. Father André, yes; then we are all in accord. I looked at the icon many times before I suddenly saw it, when I was tired.

    I’m beginning to wonder if a priest may have been the artist.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Father!

  6. I too see an image, though faded to me, but I see the face most clearly. It did take me some time to see the image though…These two entries were marvelous and informative. Thank you!

  7. Thanks, Cathy; I enjoyed my visit to your place earlier this evening! Wish I could keep up with everyone a bit more… Aren’t things supposed to slow down in the summer? 🙂

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