Like Angel Voices to Mary

Exquisite.  No wonder they call themselves Seraphim. Their CD “Hail, Queen of Heaven” is available through Gentle Spirit Music Productions.


7 Responses

  1. Indeed! What glorious voices…

  2. Yes, the beauty and simplicity; it makes me think of how beautiful St. Hildegard of Bingen and her nuns must have sounded in their chapel…

  3. Utterly celestial! This is the kind of voice that came out of a very complexity-challenged woman in Mass, who had no idea she bore a certain noxious scent tho’ everyone else knew, whom I was directed to sit beside one day when I asked Him to seat me where it would do the most good. There am I, leaning in toward her because I was sure she couldn’t read, and I thought she could follow along with my voice at least — I knew it would half-kill her if she couldn’t help sing Him into Mass. What a rich sense of humour has the Lord. I was the one whose good would be secured — when she opened her mouth, such beauty as this flowed out. I closed my mouth and my eyes and could only say “Thank You.”

    And for these angelic voices again, thank you. Lovely!

  4. A lovely tribute to Mary indeed. Thanks, Gabrielle, for sourcing these treasures.

  5. Can you just imagine spending eternity in the midst of such as this.

  6. oh how lovely, thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Hi there, ukok! Glad you enjoyed it!

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