With Thanks

As the month of May draws to a close, I’d like to send this out especially to Ann in Ireland and Carol who’s heart is in Ireland.  Ann, this is the way you started the month of May off, isn’t it!  I hope you enjoy it; I know I did!  I found this on the YouTube channel of maureenderry (Maureen Hegarty), which I think you will both enjoy (if you haven’t already discovered it for yourselves!)



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  1. I’ve been trying hard to be quiet (here, at least!) but I’ll say briefly that I missed the first show of T of A on EWTN and will aim for it tonight and thank you for the heads-up on that; and I’ll say that I just realized today that if I had a brain, I’d simply click on all your music links, for in them and in the further exploring of them, they cleanse, fortify, heal, expand and maybe even sanctify. I went over to Maureen’s and listened to “The Quiet Land of Erin.” Does Maureen know that her voice and pictures seem somehow an even greater gift than a gorgeous Chrysler? Well, you knew they would, so “with thanks” indeed, I say: God bless you, and I hope everyone here enjoys all the links.

  2. Oh, C.O., just finished watching the first two segments of Teresa of Avila on EWTN. So powerful; she was so alive to me. What a wonderful series. What a treasure of a woman/saint.

    I’m happy with what you say about the music, but actually, I don’t think I’ve put that much music on this site, have I? But there’ll be a hymn at the Haven for Thursday.

  3. I spend so much time at both blogs, they kind of blend in my mind into one! Perhaps I am indeed referring to the Haven.

  4. Our whole hearts are swelling, our glad voices telling…..a BIG thank you, Gabrielle.
    I had some Youtube recordings on my blog for a while and you can guess this was one of them. I never grow tired of it, and all the lovely flowers too of course that make May so welcome.

  5. C.O., I know what you mean. I always have to stop and try to remember where I put what…

    Ann, I was wondering when I posted the YouTube if you already knew Maureen! What a lovely voice, so rich and full.

  6. What memories that song brings…It touches the heart ! Thank you!!!

  7. Cathy, I know for both you and Ann it brings back wonderful childhood memories. I don’t remember this particular hymn ever being sung when I was a little girl though, but I’m happy to have found it now!

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