Two Hearts United: One Covenant

When I posted Saniuqa’s YouTube of the Immaculate Heart of Mary back in February 2008, I was very curious about one of the quotes from Pope John Paul II:

It is my prayer that the Covenant of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary be better understood and appreciated by the People of God so as to promote authentic devotion to the Heart of the Son and His Mother in our day.

I had heard different terms and phrases used to describe the united Hearts of Jesus and Mary, but up until that point never the word “covenant” in this regard.  Looking into it further, I found some very good explanations, information and references in an article by Monsignor Arthur Burton Calkins entitled, “The Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Theology and Practice of Reparation”. Monsignor Calkins writes:

As Jesus’ Heart manifests God’s new covenant with his people and may even be called “our covenant with God”, so Mary’s spousal Heart is the perfect response to God’s new covenant with his people.  In a certain sense we can say that the new covenant is made in the Heart of Jesus and endorsed by the response of the Heart of Mary.  Mary has, in fact, made the response for all of us.  Hence the Pope could say on 9 June 1985, Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let us remain in the Covenant with the Heart of Jesus”.

And what is a covenant?  A covenant is a promise; a holy promise.  As we enter into and consecrate ourselves to the Two Hearts United, we come under the cover of this Holy Covenant between Jesus and Mary to God our Father.  We come into agreement with God’s new covenant for His people, through Jesus’ manifestation and Mary’s perfect response.  As we enter more deeply into the Two Hearts, we will be called upon for our own manifestation and our own perfect response as participants in this Covenant, will we not?  Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, help us to become worthy. 


3 Responses

  1. Amen.

  2. Can you send me a copy of the Youtube post I would like to show it to the Catechism Children in our Parish?
    I is very beautiful.

    God bless, Fr Andrew

    Holy Family Church
    94 Taikata Rd,
    Te Atatu Peninsula,
    Auckland. 0650
    New Zealand

  3. Hello, Father Andrew. Thank you for visiting.

    I’m not sure if I understood your question correctly, Father, but is it the YouTube on the Immaculate Heart of Mary that you would like? If so, it was created by a YouTube user going by the channel name of Saniuqa. To see it, just click on the link I put in the above post.

    Saniuqa has made many beautiful videos re Our Lady, and if you look in my sidebar under “Links”, you’ll see it listed. Just click on it to go directly to his/her YouTube channel.

    If I didn’t understand your question correctly, just let me know!

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