A United Novena

Last year, before the subject of consecration to Mary had even entered my awareness, I decided to make a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This was something I had read about online and it captured my heart, although I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus had been magnified in my life for two years previous to that point, but devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary had not yet begun. 

I found two prayers which I thought would be very good for making my novena, both of them from the EWTN website (see links below).  To be quite honest, I don’t even remember what my novena request was last year, but within the following two months I had completed my preparation and made my consecration to Mary.

Both of these prayers were written by Saint John Eudes.  In the “Dictionary of Mary”, we are told that the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary “stems from the efforts of Saint John Eudes to inspire devotion to the Heart of Mary”, and who in 1646 “won approval for a Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be celebrated locally.”  I am posting the two prayers here in case anyone else might like to use them for a novena to the Two Hearts united.

The Salutation to the Heart of Jesus and Mary

Hail, Heart most holy,
Hail, Heart most meek,
Hail, Heart most humble,
Hail, Heart most pure,
Hail, Heart most devout,
Hail, Heart most wise,
Hail, Heart most patient,
Hail, Heart most obedient,
Hail, Heart most vigilent,
Hail, Heart most faithful,
Hail, Heart most blessed,
Hail, Heart most merciful,
Hail, most loving Heart of Jesus and Mary;

Thee we adore,
Thee we praise,
Thee we glorify,
To Thee do we give thanks;
Thee we love,
With all our heart,
With all our soul,
And with all our strength;
To Thee we offer our heart,
We give it,
We consecrate it,
We immolate it;
Accept and possess it entirely,
And purify it,
And illuminate it,
And sanctify it;
that in it Thou may live and reign
both now and forever,
and in the ages of ages.


An Offering of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

O Jesus, only Son of God, only Son of Mary,
I offer Thee the most loving Heart of Thy divine Mother
which is more precious and pleasing to Thee than all hearts.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus,
I offer Thee the most adorable Heart of Thy well-beloved Son,
who is the life and love and joy of Thy Heart.

Blessed be the Most Loving Heart
and Sweet Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
and the most glorious
Virgin Mary, His Mother,
in eternity and forever.


2 Responses

  1. When we think of / pray to Jesus, how it pleases Mary!
    When we think of / pray to Mary, how it pleases Jesus!
    And here we have them, two in one, Mother and Son.

  2. Yes! I find it helps so much to be able to pray a combined novena like this, or a combined one along with two separate ones, if we wish. Their Hearts are inseparable, and I find it more and more of an impossibility to separate them in prayer or meditation. But hasn’t this always been the purpose of the rosary too – the contemplation of both Jesus and Mary in the mysteries.

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