For Trinity Sunday: How the Trinity Sees Mary

When I began this blog in December 2007 it was with a certain amount of trepidation.  I was daunted by the idea of attempting to present Mary to others.  The awareness of Mary in my own life was just beginning to take shape.  My Consecration had been only a few months prior, and I knew that the field of Mariology was vast.  But underlying these concerns was another anxiety, more difficult to express, even to myself.

It had to do with depth, with experience, with knowing – it had to do with the mystical encountering of Mary deep within my heart, and hers.  More than anything I wanted to plumb deeper and deeper, and was concerned that by attempting to present Marian material to others, I would end up just speaking the words of Mariology, spouting the language of Mariology, or find myself caught up in a superficial, sentimental devotional mentality rather than a devotion with the mystical truths of Mary as its basis. 

In the following video, Dr. Mark Miravalle speaks to this very concern.  In so doing, he encourages us to enter the mystery of Mary before attempting to express it, and shows us that one way of doing so is by reflecting deeply on how each Person of the Holy Trinity views Mary.  It becomes a circle of knowledge as we do so, for in understanding how the Trinity sees her we not only learn more about Mary, but we also learn more about each of the three Persons of the Trinity. 

Dr. Mark Miravalle – How to Present Mary to Others

From:  “Dictionary of Mary”:

The Trinitarian reference is extremely important for Mariology and the cult of Mary, if they are to find their rightful place and their true objective.  Mary is the one to whom was revealed for the first time, even if in allusive terms, the Trinitarian Mystery of the Most High that by intervention of the Spirit gave birth to Christ, Son of God and transcendent Messiah (Lk 1:28-33). 

As such, she can become for Christians a locus of encounter with the three Divine Persons and a locus of revelation for Their salvific work.  With Mary as model, the Christian life becomes an itinerary to the Holy Trinity. 


3 Responses

  1. You have done a beautiful job of presenting Mary–and most especially to Catholics. Thank you for all this, and for the consecration assistance. I can quadruply assure you that my own consecration would’ve been held in limbo for another 39 years if not for you. I’d not have heard half of this from others.

    Beyond that initial thanks, there is a great deal of consolation posted and linked to, here — you worked so hard on all of this, I am in awe. Thank you.

    As for Dr. M., not even he could’ve broken through to me. I needed a “black sheep” or two to ruminate with about it all.

    “With Mary as model, the Christian life becomes an itinerary to the Holy Trinity.” Very little has ever said it better, and so succinctly. You work hard even on finding that. It matters.
    A lot.

  2. I’ve just listened to Dr Mark’s recording right through and i have to say I am in awe. It’s a wonderful lesson in how to enter into the mystery of Mary. Thank you, Gabrielle, for this and everything else here.

  3. Well, I certainly thank you both for your support here, and for your kind words; if I have been of any help, I am most grateful to Mary for showing me how to be.

    As I mentioned a while back, I’ll be using Dr. Miravalle’s YouTubes here quite a bit because of the teachings presented in them; I just haven’t gotten around to getting them up as quickly or consistently as I had originally planned, but hope to do so during the course of the summer.

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