Rosary Renewal

The video in my post today is one I viewed recently over at Cathy’s site, A Bit of the Blarney, and my heart was filled with joy.  While listening to the young people, I thought the question might have been, “Why do you pray?”  Arriving at the end and discovering that the question was in fact, “Why do you pray the Holy Rosary?”, I played it several more times to listen closely and ponder their responses, and my joy increased even more.

Then this morning I read a lovely post at Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Hermitage Report which presents a recent address given by Pope Benedict XVI on the recitation of the Holy Rosary.  Three lines particularly struck me having so recently watched the young peoples’ video (but I encourage you to read the entire address):

Today, together we confirm that the Holy Rosary is not a pious practice banished to the past, like prayers of other times thought of with nostalgia.  Instead, the Rosary is experiencing a new Springtime.  Without a doubt, this is one of the most eloquent signs of love that the young generation nourish for Jesus and his Mother, Mary.




3 Responses

  1. I missed this video at Cathy’s so now I’m glad to view it here.
    I can understand your joy, Gabrielle, and presumably Cathy’s too – the joy of any of us who feel love for Mary and live for the day when the world will pray the Rosary – and the world will know peace, breathe peace and speak peace.

  2. The power in the praying of the Rosary to transform us is immeasurable. It is such a quick and easy shortcut into Love. (And of course, whatever transforms us in love, bears a seed to transform another.) “Where sin abounded, grace abounded even more,” i.e., folks in Massachusetts and California are gayer than ever, but young folks are praying the Rosary more than ever… The Rosary itself is a multi-faceted mystery, but it was only made clearer with the long overdue addition of the Luminous Mysteries, don’t you think? I was always taken aback whenever an RCIA candidate/catechumen who later told us they had tried to pray the Rosary. They weren’t sure why, back then. Believe it or not, it was they who moved me, a cradle Catholic, to start praying it.

  3. I know that my own renewal regarding the Rosary only took place after I started blogging at Contemplative Haven, through reading more about how the Rosary is the contemplative “tool” par excellence from so many authoratative sources. Since my Consecration, it has become an even more important part of my life, and I am so grateful to have been taught by so many of its importance, and to Mary for teaching me as well.

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