The Sub Tuum

In conjunction with the previous post concerning the relationship of Mother Mary and Pentecost, here is a prayer called the “Sub Tuum” (not to be confused with the Sub Tuum Praesidium) which I found in the little booklet entitled “Our Lady of Fatima, with Prayers and Devotions” – one of the booklets in the Florentine Series of the Lives of the Saints.  It expresses many of the themes mentioned in the last post, and since we have just celebrated Pentecost and are awaiting the Feastday of Our Lady of Fatima tomorrow, I thought I would share it with you today:

O most blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of the Church, open our hearts to the great anticipation for the proclamation of the Gospel to the whole of creation and the reign of God.  Our Mother is ever mindful of the many dangers and evils which threaten to overpower men and women in our time.  O Mary, full of courage, may your spiritual strength and trust in God inspire us, so that we might know how to overcome the obstacles that we encounter.  Teach us to treat the affairs of the world with a real sense of Christian responsibility and a joyful hope for the coming of God’s reign.

O Mother of our divine Savior and our Mother, who gathered with the apostles in prayer at the Cenacle, awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we implore you for a renewed outpouring of the Spirit upon all the faithful so that we, your children, might more generously respond to the will of your divine Son and the mission of his Church.  O virgin Mother, guide and sustain us so that we might always live as true sons and daughters of the Church of your Son Jesus Christ.  Enable us to do our part in helping to establish here on earth a civilization of truth and love, as God wills it, and for his greater glory.  Amen.  


4 Responses

  1. Amen. Amen.

    Our Lady of Fatima — I’d forgotten it was this close! (Thank you, G.)

  2. So many dates to remember…even when we write them on our calendars, we are often too busy to look at the calendars!

  3. Today, after Mass (which was indeed devoted to Our Lady of Fatima!), and after opening prayers for the Novena to St. Rita of Cascia (our pastor is Augustinian), we were invited to come up and behold/venerate a relic of St. Rita. As I left the Church, I thought of all the folks who have relics of the saints–how lucky they are! I brought one of Sr. Therese Couderc (Coudere) to Ireland, for the Sisters of the Cenacle there had not one relic of their foundress. And a few years ago, I “lent” my last ones to very very sick people. This (to me) is what they are for: the suffering.

    And there, in the bright Spring morning sun, was the BVM’s statue, with a bench before it. So, I sat and began a few Hail Marys as the morning traffic passed behind me. Within a moment, tho’, I had a thought of a relic in her crown, which soon turned into the thought, We who receive His sacrament of love, the Holy Eucharist, all bear a True Relic within, right within our hearts! We don’t own this relic, but who could imagine owning the Saviour’s risen Body and Blood?!

    Then, thinking of relics, I tried to look up Laura’s tale regarding the religious Sisters who had prayed over her with a true relic of the Cross. And not finding it, as perhaps I was rather to find this, I thought how sweet that Laura has joined us in today’s observance.

  4. Could a morning begin any better than that, with Mass and then quiet moments sitting with Mary? What a powerful metaphor, a True Relic – the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord within us after each Holy Communion or spiritual communion.

    It was good to reread Laura’s beautiful post; I remember also the one about her being prayed over.

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