Speaking with Mary

What a joy to open my email this morning and find this from friend Carol:


How could anyone see this baby’s body-language and not know that grace was at work, and a very real dialogue was taking place.  Anna Maria shows us clearly that Mary’s call for our own fiat requires only the trust, the openness, the wonder of a child – that our Mother is truly with us, waiting to instruct us, to offer us her guidance, and engage in heart-to-heart talks.


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  1. Amen. As I sat before her Son’s Tabernacle after confession, spending a little time with her this past First Saturday in reparation to Her C.O.-wounded Immaculate Heart of mercy, peace, and unconditional love.. I went before her other special little statue that has been brought in for this month. I’m not sure where it came from (I don’t belong to that parish), but it was exquisite. Her porcelain face looked exactly as a holy Virgin Mother’s face should, and she was in immaculate white. There were no fresh flowers at her feet – something I have to do something about, but here at home.. and I wanted to just stay there kneeling a while, but I also didn’t want to be seen (the priest and sacristan would be preparing for Mass soon), so it was too brief. We come to her in our hearts anyway, yes? We give them over to her.. so it’s alright.

  2. What a lovely picture – capturing the innocence of childhood, and at the same time leaving us guessing just what might have been said and understood in just a few babbles. Probably as much sense as we make sometimes in between choking back the tears….but that’s just when the Holy Spirit comes in and takes over, doing our praying for us.
    Good to hear from you C.O.
    Hope you get a chance to put a few flowers by Mary’s feet!

  3. Hi Ann! Good to see you, too. I am walloped by your phrase “choking back the tears..” oh, tell me you don’t cry, please.

    It’s Spring and a half here, so it’s not only Be Outside Time, but time to rearrange –furniture, curtains, spices, linens, photos.. It’s a girl-thing, yes? (I can’t imagine what cavewomen rearranged, but I know they must’ve done.). All that, and preparing for Birthday season, and trying to read more of Fire Within keeps me mostly offline (and completely out of bar-rooms), but I’m here. I hope your Spring is every bit as gorgeous as I hope.

  4. The truth is I seldom cry, C.O. But when i do I find it hard to stop. I don’t imagine I’m alone there!
    Yes, lovely Spring! I took a walk this evening and it seemed there was nothing that wasn’t greening or burgeoning or blossoming – and the birds were singing, and against a sky that wasn’t exactly blue swifts were performing their usual aerobatics…..it’s a time for cleaning and clearing for sure, outside as well as in…

  5. I hear that. Women cannot afford to cry, but they their families cannot afford for them not to. So the inner dam bursts now and then, rather than the whole woman. My mother-in-law kept a smile on her face all her life, or so everyone had thought.. she could cry freely only in my presence; dear God, if only I’d known what all she had kept inside for so long, but this is the beauty of having a daughter-in-law. She can be a friend.

    I’m so glad your spring is lovely! What else could an Irish Spring be?? (Yes, I know — I used to watch the weather report every eve from here, and had to chuckle at the poor meterologist trying to find unique ways of saying it’s going to rain, of course, “It’s partially sunny for tomorrow, but a wee chance of a light misting over Counties Marvelous and Magnificent and thereabouts..)” Here, Spring is also bursting its seams, abundance shall rule for a few weeks –or a few months if we’re lucky.

    We’re going to the OCEAN tomorrow. The OCEAN. WooHOO!! All of us!! And a very Happy Mother’s Day to any reading this for whom tomorrow is also Mothers Day.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to you, C.O. and Gabrielle and all the rest who know who they are!
    A day at the sea! There’s nothing quite to compare with that. Enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Hellooooooooooo! I’ve been having a tad of trouble getting into WordPress; don’t know why. So glad to see you’ve been having a good chat!

    C.O., we had a visiting statue a couple of weeks ago at St. Patrick’s Basilica; it was the statue of Mary from Cap de la Madeleine; so beautiful. I had read it was coming, but then forgot, but as I was walking home the very evening it was there, I stopped in, and there she was at the front of the church!

    Ann, a good cry is just what the Doctor ordered every now and then, isn’t it. Just another way of “cleaning and clearing”, I do believe!

    Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes, and the same to you. I’m thrilled for you, C.O., that you’ll be going to your beloved ocean. 🙂

  8. OH MY GOODNESS>>>I’m speechless!!! (Tears)

  9. Cathy, I know! Well, I guess this little one would be about seven years old now. I wonder how the mystery is unfolding…

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