May is for Mary (2)

When I entitled yesterday’s post, “May is for Mary”, I didn’t realize that there was an ‘anonymous’ poem of the same name on the Mary Page at University of Dayton (see my sidebar for a link to that site).  So, here it is!



Every tree, every flower is a poem for thee,
Every landscape is richer when thy shrines grace it;
Dost thou watch the lamps that burn at thy grottoes?
Dost thou hark to the chorus that swells through the ages?
Dost thou hear the canticles that rise from thy children,
Virgin of virgins and Mother of mothers,
Royal priestess descended from Abraham and David?
Chosen from all eternity queen rose of the world?


Remember, O Mary, despite all thy mildness,
Thou art terrible like an army in battle array;
Arise from thy bridal chambers in heaven,
Chase away the dark clouds that shut out the sun,
The mists that hover over the rivers and brooks,
Send a new spring full of shining flowers,
Spring in the hearts of youths and maidens,
Spring in the souls of men and women,
Spring in the darkened minds of the rulers,
That thy prophecy be not made in vain,
That this generation, too, will call thee blessed.

[Anonymous.  The Christian Family and Our Missions. May 1950.] 

This is how I would like to deepen my relationship with Mary this month of May (and always…), by offering everything I do, my work outside and at home, on the blogs, my prayer, for the conversion of hearts through Mary’s Immaculate Heart; conversion, “spring”, in hearts, souls and darkened minds. 



6 Responses

  1. Amen. And a half.

  2. You have given me some ideas, Gabrielle, all of them worthy.
    I don’t know whether it has been as a result of the Consecration or a result of reading about St Faustina and the Holy Souls but I now find my myself more concerned for sinners and their conversion. Either way, I’m acting on it!!

  3. “Conversion” “Spring” These words of yours remind one of John Paul II’s.

    “The Triumph of her Immaculate Heart shall bring into our midst the glorious Reign of His Sacred Heart. It is for this purpose, we pledge our consecration.”

  4. Ann & Whispering, I was drawn very much to the lines near the end of the poem: “Spring in the hearts of youths and maidens/Spring in the souls of men and women/Spring in the darkened minds of the rulers”. You know, the literature and the prayers (and Mary) always say to pray for the conversion of sinners, and so if I’m praying sincerely, I must include myself in that category; but we know there are darker souls than others, and so my prayer is that all will come to know her, and through her, know Jesus. Spring; perhaps the New Pentecost. And although the poet appears to be referring to the Magnificat in the last two lines, I think it also applies (because of what we know now) to her Triumph, and the Triumph of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  5. Ann, I also wanted to say that, those of you out there who were making their consecration preparation in order to have their Consecration Day on the Feast of the Annunciation or shortly thereafter certainly had a lot to manage this year. The preparation at the same time as Lent, Holy Week, the Octave of Easter, and probably also trying to make the Divine Mercy Novena. And I know how fully everyone wanted to enter into all of it, and very likely at times felt overwhelmed, or felt that they were doing a little of everything and nothing thoroughly or as well as they would have liked. But I just keep thinking of how doubly, triply (?), quadrupally (?) blessed you all must have been, because Jesus and Mary and St. Faustina read your hearts and your hearts’ desires.

  6. Yes, Gabrielle, there was a lot going on at the time but one way or another the conversion of sinners kept rising to the top of the prayer list. Thanks again for all you did to make sure we got there in the end!

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