May is for Mary

I’ll Sing A Hymn To Mary

I’ll sing a hymn to Mary,
The Mother of my God,
The Virgin of all virgins,
Of David’s royal blood.
O teach me, holy Mary,
A loving song to frame,
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
To love and bless thy name.

O noble Tower of David,
Of gold and ivory.
The Ark of God’s own promise,
The gate of Heav’n to me.
To live and not to love thee
Would fill my soul with shame;
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
I’ll love and bless thy name.
O Lily of the Valley,
O Mystic Rose, what tree,
Or flower, e’en the fairest,
Is half so fair as thee?
O let me, tho’ so lowly
Recite my Mother’s fame.
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
I’ll love and bless thy name.
The saints are high in glory,
With golden crowns so bright;
But brighter far is Mary,
Upon her throne of light.
Oh that which God did give thee,
Let mortal ne’er disclaim;
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
I’ll love and bless thy name. 

But in the crown of Mary,
There lies a wonderous gem,
As Queen of all the angels,
Which Mary shares with them;
No sin hath e’er defiled thee,
So doth our faith proclaim;
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
I’ll love and bless thy name.

[ John Wise, 1825-1898 ] 

12 Responses

  1. To live and not to love Thee……how sad that would be. This is another hymn from my childhood, Gabrielle. I hope Mary’s month is an especially lovely one for you!

  2. It would be nice to do something special for her each day this month. But what? Help me think. Maybe there should be a Mary Garden planted this month? Maybe also mentally consecrate 31 someones I love (and/or can’t stand) into her care, one each day? What do/did others do for her month of May?

  3. One thing for sure, Carol, we all know people who for whatever reason we would like to lift up to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. And she and her Son with the Holy Spirit can and will do so much for them.
    I don’t know about the garden idea but I decided yesterday to post a lot of flower pictures throughout May. Our back garden is more or less out of bounds at the moment due to painting going on, so I’ll likely be photographing others’ garden gems instead. Bluebells yesterday, what will it be today?

  4. Ann, thank you, and the same to you. “To live and not to love thee” reminded me very much of St. Louis de Montfort, but this particular hymn I had never heard before. I love it when I hear a hymn I haven’t heard since I was a child though; we don’t sing enough hymns to Mary anymore!

    Carol, of course there are many “exterior” practices which are lovely for the month of May, and flowers of course in our “Mary” spaces or creating a Mary Garden. Sometimes the visible reminders are just so beautiful that we can’t help but have our thoughts turn more frequently to Mary because of them. Also, we will be celebrating the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the end of the month, so a Novena can be made (some people may have started their 33-day consecration preparation at the end of April in order to have their Consecration Day on May 31st as well). I think I will be posting a Novena to the Immaculate Heart in preparation for her feastday. But I too believe that prayer and deepening our relationship with Mary is the most important aspect of celebrating Mary during May, entering her mystery, and of course, praying for conversion of hearts and her protection for others.

  5. What a lovely song. Thank you. I love May and October. It makes the daily Rosary more sublime…

  6. and thank you, ladies, for all these ideas.

  7. Reading this over at W.I. caused a thought that perhaps each day one could entrust into the Mother of All People’s care the adherents of many other religions, particularly those who do not know the Two Hearts.

  8. Cathy, I will love May and October more and more now…and hopefully spend them more wisely and with more awareness. Thanks so much for stopping by – it’s always so good to hear your uplifting voice!

    Carol, I will try to read Abbot Joseph’s post soon, tomorrow evening I hope, and come back to your comment. Thanks for the link to it.

  9. You know, there is something speaking to me about icons.. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but it’s tucked into a side lobby wall in our church up the street–the Russian Iveron icon (which from what I can tell is drawn from Luke’s own rendition). Then, a couple days later, as I was leaving a very tacky gas station, to the left of the door I saw Rublev’s <a href=”
    “Icon of the Trinity, which is actually originally a rendering of Sarah and Abraham’s 3 Angels. Again, I don’t know how long it’s been there.. With the first icon, I thought later, “Oh, my.. is this a little ‘hi’ from Laura, saying, ‘Don’t underestimate icons”? And as for the garage, it is poor and quite nasty and hires crossdressers, transgendered, ad pierced/tattooed/all but scalloped headbangers. (Yes, this is why I go there; an opportunity to show love..but little did I realize until the other day that I wasn’t even seeing the love that is there .. in the nasty worldliness.. someone is trying. Perhaps all of them are trying. God forgive me all my judging, and keep teaching me.) I may have to look into icons more, so as to say ‘hi’ back, and so as to grow in heart.

  10. oops..

    Rublev’s Icon of the Trinity

  11. I remember last June/July, because of Laura, I was deeply attracted to finding out more about the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help that I had loved all my life. That is when I started reading the book about it by the Redemptorist Fathers, and then I did those posts about the icon at Contemplative Haven. Shortly thereafter, approximately one week later, I was starting my consecration preparation, with no “warning” – I guess I never wrote about how it happened, did I. I was powerfully pulled, and I’m sure that the icon of Our Lady had much to do with it. But just previous to that, in June, I had done a Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so one thing leads to another, and to another, and to another, and to Jesus, through Mary…

  12. Carol, I have just read Abbot Joseph’s post to which you linked, and it was indeed reflective of what I have come to understand. I believe there is a vast world of difference between the true and historical Catholic understanding of Jesus being the Way, the Truth and the Life as opposed to the fundamentalist Protestant understanding, for example, to which we have been exposed by televangelists, etc.

    When fundamentalists demand to know if you believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the LIfe they want a one word answer, yes or no. If you say no because you are not given the opportunity to explain that you believe He is, but that in His infinite Mercy one may not be required to “know” that during one’s lifetime, you are immediately damned in their eyes. If you say yes without being allowed to explain yourself, then they think you are “with them”, when in fact you are not “with them” whatsoever.

    Fundamentalists cannot get beyond their own narrow, finite interpretation of Divine Justice, and have no ability to get their heads or hearts around the infinite Divine Mercy which is Jesus Himself. So I would say yes, definitely, we should entrust everyone into the care of Mary, the Mother of All Peoples, for she is the Mother of Mercy as well.

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