St. Catherine of Siena’s Prayer to Mary

For the Feastday of St. Catherine of Siena (also see my post at Contemplative Haven), I have found a beautiful prayer written by the saint to the Blessed Virgin, entitled,

“In Praise of Mary”:

O Mary, Mary, temple of the Trinity.  O Mary, bearer of fire.  O Mary, dispenser of mercy.  O Mary, restorer of human generation, because the world was repurchased by means of the sustenance that your flesh found in the Word.  Christ repurchased the world with His Passion, and you with your suffering of mind and body.

O Mary, peaceful ocean.  O Mary, giver of peace.  O Mary, fruitful land.  You, O Mary, are that new plant from which we have the fragrant flower of the Word, Only-begotten Son of God, because this Word was sown in you, O fruitful land.  You are the land and the plant.

O Mary, vehicle of fire, you bore the fire hidden and veiled beneath the ash of your humanity.  O Mary, vase of humility, in which there burns the light of true knowledge with which you lifted yourself above yourself and yet were pleasing to the eternal Father; hence He took and brought you to Himself, loving you with a singular love.

With this light and fire of your charity and with the oil of your humility, you inclined His Divinity to come into you – although He was first drawn to come to us by the most ardent fire of His inestimable charity.

Today I ardently make my request, because it is the day of graces, and I know that nothing is refused to you, O Mary.  Today, O Mary, your land has generated the Savior for us.  O Mary, blessed are you among women throughout the ages!

St. Catherine of Siena [1347 – 1380] was born on the Feast of the Annunciation, and died like our Lord Jesus, at the age of 33.


6 Responses

  1. Amen. Beautiful.

  2. It would also make a beautiful Novena prayer, wouldn’t it. I wonder which day St. Catherine is referring to, when she says “it is the day of graces”.

  3. You know, I’ve had two videos and a big ol’ book out in the front seat of my car to return to the church lending library. I put them there so I’d stop forgetting to return them, and I went to that particular church yesterday for confession, and came out to my car after about visiting the Tabernacle as well, and a beautiful little statue of Mary, and drove home… lol, yep, they were still there in the car. But today I did a doubletake as I looked down at them: One of the movies is “St. Catherine of Siena”! I’m going to watch it again tonight, now that I know a little something about her.


  4. picture for you

  5. I’m perusing this web site at the moment because of a much-loved teacher from 1953-1954, when I was in the fifth grade. Sister Catherine “Sienna” 1928 to 2008, was teaching at St. Helena’s School in Helena Montana. When I visited her in Great Bend, Kansas, a few years before she died, she reminded me that she was indeed the Palmer method handwriting teacher. I had really good handwriting (!!) because of Sister. We corresponded in her later years, and while I miss her, I thank God that she has gone to a far, far better place than this world. Thank you again, Sister, and hello in heaven.

  6. John, these are lovely memories you cherish of Sister Catherine Sienna, and how wonderful that you kept in contact with her all those years. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Too bad there isn’t a method here for us to admire your handwriting. 🙂 Hope you’ll show us a sample in heaven when we get there!!! 🙂

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