Called by Whispers

My post of today at Contemplative Haven concerns Neven Pesa, a young man who wishes to share his personal story/background, his music and his call to the priesthood.  As I was reading his personal history on his website, A Priestly Vocation, I was very moved by his discernment of the role of Our Blessed Mother in his life.  Neven writes:

Since my early childhood and at every major signpost of my life, the warm covering maternal presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary has been constantly felt.

Because this calling, this incessant whisper of God, has accompanied me and pulled at my heart strings over the years with an increasing intensity, I, on my part, have been trying to reciprocate God’s call with a greater and greater “yes.”

This ‘yes’ owes its strength and grace to the loving intercession of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, where, whilst still in my early teens, the first small seed was planted in my soul and has been silently nurtured by her ever since I made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje a number of years ago – which is not too far from where my parents grew up and where I had spent a number of my early childhood years.

Through Our Lady’s guidance and protection, Neven’s life has become an imitation of her own, and of her Fiat.  May Neven be blessed in his musical endeavours and on his journey to the priesthood.

Here is one of Neven’s beautiful songs, “The Exchange“, which he has set to scenes from the movie, “Mother Teresa”:

Nevan Pesa’s CD, Shekinah Hosanna, is available at CD Baby and you may visit his YouTube Channel here.

St. Catherine of Siena’s Prayer to Mary

For the Feastday of St. Catherine of Siena (also see my post at Contemplative Haven), I have found a beautiful prayer written by the saint to the Blessed Virgin, entitled,

“In Praise of Mary”:

O Mary, Mary, temple of the Trinity.  O Mary, bearer of fire.  O Mary, dispenser of mercy.  O Mary, restorer of human generation, because the world was repurchased by means of the sustenance that your flesh found in the Word.  Christ repurchased the world with His Passion, and you with your suffering of mind and body.

O Mary, peaceful ocean.  O Mary, giver of peace.  O Mary, fruitful land.  You, O Mary, are that new plant from which we have the fragrant flower of the Word, Only-begotten Son of God, because this Word was sown in you, O fruitful land.  You are the land and the plant.

O Mary, vehicle of fire, you bore the fire hidden and veiled beneath the ash of your humanity.  O Mary, vase of humility, in which there burns the light of true knowledge with which you lifted yourself above yourself and yet were pleasing to the eternal Father; hence He took and brought you to Himself, loving you with a singular love.

With this light and fire of your charity and with the oil of your humility, you inclined His Divinity to come into you – although He was first drawn to come to us by the most ardent fire of His inestimable charity.

Today I ardently make my request, because it is the day of graces, and I know that nothing is refused to you, O Mary.  Today, O Mary, your land has generated the Savior for us.  O Mary, blessed are you among women throughout the ages!

St. Catherine of Siena [1347 – 1380] was born on the Feast of the Annunciation, and died like our Lord Jesus, at the age of 33.

EWTN Special

I’m sorry I didn’t see the announcement in time to post this earlier (so the Saturday and Sunday showings have gone by already), but EWTN will be reprising a 90 minute program on St. Louis de Montfort called, “Jesus Living in Mary” on Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time/10:00 a.m. U.S. Pacific time.

Don’t forget, the EWTN website also has television schedule grids for those of us in Canada, Latin-America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, Africa, etc., so please check for your own location.


Feastday of St. Louis de Montfort

St. Louis de Montfort, who is quoted extensively on this site in the consecration preparation posts, gave us True Devotion to Mary, The Secret of Mary, The Secret of the Rosary, and many prayers, poems and hymns as well. 

An in-depth study of his works and of his spirituality would take a lifetime, and there are, thankfully, those who have been blessed/chosen to do this.  I was thinking about “what it all comes down to” this morning, and smiled to myself as I picked up The Secret of Mary  and read: 

It all comes to this, then:  that you should find an easy means for obtaining from God the grace necessary to make you holy; and this means I wish to make known to you.  Now, I say that to find this grace of God, we must find Mary.

Mary’s Detachment

An excerpt from “The Other-Centeredness of Mary”, by Dom John Main, O.S.B.:

At the core of Mary’s detachment, even from what is dearest and most precious, is the continual projection of her consciousness away from herself.  This is indeed the condition of her pilgrimage.  On every occasion where Jesus is shown addressing her in the gospel a further degree of detachment is achieved.  In the Temple, at Cana, when the crowd drew Jesus’ attention to her, Mary is each time confronted with the hard truth of the path of prayer that “the way of possession is the way of dispossession.”  No mother has ever possessed her son less possessively than Mary and for that reason none has been able to be as open to his experience.  The whole of Mary’s life is presented as a silent and loving response to the progressive detachment of her spirit.  She stands before the mystery of her own life as before the mystery of God with ever-increasing simplicity, deepening vulnerability and an ever more refined sensitivity to the transforming power of love. [pg. 20]