Roses For You

Some of you may have extended your preparation time in order to make your Consecration today, the day we are actually celebrating the Feast of the Annunciation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you; may you have a beautiful and blessed day.

I have recently read about the traditional meaning of the different colours of  roses as pertains to Mary.  White signifies Mary’s purity; red represents her sorrow, the Blood of Christ and also martyrdom.  Gold or yellow signifies Mary’s glory, while red and white combined represents the Visitation. 


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  1. Beautiful posts..

  2. I was interested to read about the traditional meaning of the various colours of flowers and that got me thinking about flowers and saints. Roses are associated with Our Lady, and St Therese and Padre Pio, and lilies are associated with some of the men – St Anthony of Padua, St. Joseph, and sometimes St. Francis Xavier….any more?
    Do you think, Gabrielle, that we all become as fair and lovely as lilies and roses in heaven?

  3. Hi Jackie and Ann. Please excuse my absence (I think the worst is over at the office now).

    Oh Ann, I do believe our risen bodies will be even more resplendent than the most beautiful of flowers, but there’s no doubt in my mind that these exquisite creations of God abound in Heaven. Every time I read a passage from St. Gertrude, for instance, the Blessed Virgin seems to have the most beautiful of flowers embroidered on her clothing, etc., and they are described in detail by the Saint. So if Mary, and often the saints, wish to manifest themselves to earthly eyes carrying or wearing flowers, then they must truly be one of God’s most glorious creations, as we ourselves know just from the way our hearts and spirits are lifted when we tend them in the garden or receive them from others!

  4. I had to come looking through here to see what year I consecrated myself to Mary! Thank God you wrote this post about the extended preparation time, or I’d still be wondering! I think I may honour my consecration on the 31st from now on, and thus can honour the Annunciation on her own day! Whew.. 5 years! Unreal!

  5. Yes, where does the time go, C. I’m right now doing my renewal for the sixth anniversary of my consecration, coming up on August 15, 2013.

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