Your Consecration Day

On this long-awaited day, some words of experience, inspiration and encouragement from Catherine Doherty, from the chapter entitled, ‘Total Consecration’, in “Bogoroditza. She Who Gave Birth to God” :

“On the Feast of Our Lady’s Purification, February 2, 1951, I finished a long journey.  Or perhaps I should say that I completed the first stage of it.  I cannot tell for sure.  Time alone will give the answer. My journey ended at the feet of Our Lady’s altar, in the church of the Sacred Heart in Ottawa, Canada, where my husband, Eddie Doherty, and I consecrated ourselves to her, according to the True Devotion of St. Louis Marie de Montfort.  On that day we handed over to her all of ourselves, our earthly goods, our spiritual merits and good works, for her to do with as she pleased, from then until our deaths.  We became totally hers that lovely day…” [pg. 39]

“…Eddie and I made the three-week preparation which has been prescribed for those wishing to make the de Montfort consecration.  We completed it on the feast of her Purification, a feast which now is celebrated as the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.  We consecrated ourselves to her entirely and forever.  The long journey was ended.  Or had it only begun?” [pg. 42]

“…she will arise and, taking you by the hand, lead you into the inner chamber of her Immaculate Heart, where all the words of her Son are still kept, as fresh and alive as when he spoke them….The next will be her leading you through another door to her Spouse the Holy Spirit, the Crimson Dove.  Gently she will lift you up into his blinding light.  Then, if you lie still in her arms, as her small divine Son once did, you will begin to see life with the eyes of God.  And all things will come together for you and make marvelous and holy sense, and you will lose all fears, for you will enter onto the first step of perfect love that ‘casts out all fear.’ ” [pgs. 45-46]

May you have a beautiful and blessed Consecration Day, my friends.

♥  ♥  ♥


6 Responses

  1. May you be blessed many times over Gabrielle for bringing souls to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    The beauty of it all is that individuals can choose their starting and their finishing days, thanks to all the resources here.
    ” The Triumph of her Immaculate Heart shall bring into our midst the glorious Reign of His Sacred Heart. It is for this purpose, we pledge our consecration.”

  2. Ann, I can’t think of a greater blessing at the moment than knowing that a few of you have made, or will soon be making, your consecration to Mary. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would even tell people I had, let alone blog about it. I am always so taken aback, even though I shouldn’t be by now, by the way everything is interconnected, and we so often aren’t aware of it. Looking back, I can see now how many things led up to an experience I had three years ago with the Sacred Heart, and then how my novena last June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary led to the Spirit moving me to start the consecration in July. One thing leads to another, and all things interpenetrate; glorious, mysterious Hearts united.

  3. The workings of the Spirit no doubt through Jesus and Mary and half the time we’re eing urged on and half the time we’re asleep to the various promptings, but the good Lord doesn’t give up easily…….and then there comes a day when we look back and the penny drops, and we piece together all the little squares of fabric that together become a luminous tapestry to Love – and then we are overwhelmed to find that we are part of it, a truly humbling moment indeed. Yet a most dignifying one too.

  4. That’s a beautiful image, Ann – a luminous quilt of the works and the graces which Jesus and Mary have done and/or given us in our lives. It truly is up to us to cooperate in the work of piecing them all together, but the design is theirs…

  5. I’ll tell you, I don’t know what in *heck* attacked me a couple months ago while trying to make the Consecration, but it was severe every step of the way after those first few days. I will indeed uphold the 5 First Saturdays and Rosary, and bring her my every petition and need, as well as offer into her keeping any merit, but I kind of want to re-consecrate myself, now. Imagine us even having the option in the first place! How patient are those Hearts.

    About the Crimson Dove, I don’t know what Catherine means exactly, but it made me recall hearing a pigeon softly cooing the other night..very, very late. We don’t have any dovecotes here or near. Was I being called back to prayer?
    🙂 Who knows, but yes, Ann — truly humbling and dignifying. As I say, imagine our even having that option.. it boggles the mind.

    And amen, thank you and God bless you, Gabrielle.

  6. Carol, I have found only two references to the Crimson Dove by googling. One is from a book by David Scott (The Catholic Passion) in which he writes: “Russian Catholics call the Spirit ‘the Crimson Dove, the God of love.’ The Spirit wings us into the very heart of love and brings the very heart of love to beat in our breasts.” The other is from the site, from an article written by Fr. Robert Wild, in which he says, “It is the Holy Spirit who gives birth to new communities in the Church. Catherine loved to call him, in her Russian fashion, “the Crimson Dove”. So I think it has to do with the colour of the heart…

    As well as renewing our consecration on a daily basis, we are invited to renew it once a year in a deeper way, and I am planning on always doing that. We will bring to our renewals the graces and understanding we have already received, and hopefully an even deeper preparation each and every time so that we will receive more of the graces Mary desires to give us. If we are sincere, I don’t think it is a matter of not preparing well enough for our consecration, but that each time we renew it, it will be with a greater depth of relationship already established.

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