Resources for Consecration Day

St. Louis de Montfort (True Devotion to Mary) Consecration Day Resources:

“At the end of the three weeks,” says St. Louis de Montfort, “they shall go to confession and to Communion, with the intention of giving themselves to Jesus Christ in the quality of slaves of love, by the hands of Mary.  After Communion, which they should try to make according to the method given, they should recite the formula of their consecration. They ought to write it, or have it written, unless they have a printed copy of it (graciously provided by “fish eaters”, now in my sidebar; the document takes a few minutes to download); and they should sign it the same day they have made it.  It would be well also that on that day they should pay some tribute to Jesus Christ and our Blessed Lady, either as a penance for their past unfaithfulness to the vows of their Baptism or as a testimony of their dependence on the dominion of Jesus and Mary.  This tribute ought to be according to the devotion and ability of everyone, such as a fast, a mortification, an alms or a candle.  If they had but a pin to give in homage, yet gave it with good heart, it would be enough for Jesus, who looks only at one’s good will.  Once a year at least, on the same day, they should renew the same consecration, observing the same practices during the three weeks.  They might also once a month, or even once a day, renew all they have done, in these few words:  I am all Thine and all that I have belongs to Thee, O my sweet Jesus, through Mary, Thy holy Mother.” [True Devotion to Mary:  pg. 196] 

“Where two or three are gathered”: St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Mary daily podcast, courtesy of Jennifer and Greg Willits of Rosary Army.  May God continue to bless them in their apostolates.

Consecration Day:

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Consecration Day Resources:

A brief reflection:

“Charity of the heart is living in sacrifice as requested by Our Lord, a sacrifice that is nurtured by prayer and self giving, by suffering and joy, by purity of heart and simplicity.  It is given and not created, for it is a pure gift of God.  The gift of charity is received in faith and is to be shared in humility.  It is shared in humility to be received again, more precious than before, in joy.” [pg. iv]

“This plan of Our Lady is simple yet intense – like our YES.  Our simple but intense YES given through our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, allows us to be put in her service as an apostle for her Triumph.  A YES which is ready to accept the joys as well as the sorrows.  There are many who speak often in “her name”, yet their own name remains on their lips.  We must speak with “her words” – she must be allowed to speak through us!  For this reason, to become an apostle for the Triumph, no title is needed, no curriculum vitae, no special relationship with any visionary, nor the quantity of books written or read, or talks given.  The only request is to become her child, to give witness on every occasion, every time and everywhere, and to have the courage to have no agenda – she will do everything.” [pgs. iv-v]

Consecration Day Prayer and Signature Page (this can be highlighted and printed if you do not have the booklet).

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