Consecration Preparation: Days Twenty-Seven to Thirty-Three

St. Louis de Montfort Preparation:

We enter now into the Third (and final) Week of the second period, in which the focus is knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Following the end of this third week, we reach the Consecration Day.  

Prayers to be said each day:

You may choose your spiritual reading from:

  • Gospel according to St. Matthew, chapters 26, 27
  • Gospel according to St. John, chapters 13 ff.
  • Imitation of Christ, Book II, chapters 7, 11, 12; Book III, chapters 5, 6, 56; Book IV, chapters 1, 8, 13
  • True Devotion, nos. 60-67, 183, 212, 226-265

Your spiritual exercises:

  • Acts of love of God, thanksgiving for the blessings of Jesus, contrition and resolution.

“I here turn for one moment to Thee, O sweet Jesus, to complain lovingly to Thy Divine Majesty that the greater part of Christians, even the most learned, do not know the necessary union there is between Thee and Thy holy Mother.  Thou, Lord, art always with Mary, and Mary is always with Thee, and she cannot be without Thee, else she would cease to be what she is.  She is so transformed into Thee by grace that she lives no more, she is as though she were not.  It is Thou only, my Jesus, who livest and reignest in her more perfectly than in all the angels and the blessed.  Ah!  If we knew the glory and the love which Thou receivest in this admirable creature, we should have very different thoughts both of Thee and her from what we have now.  She is so intimately united with Thee that it were easier to separate the light from the sun, the heat from the fire; nay, it were easier to separate from Thee all the angels and the saints than the divine Mary, because she loves Thee more ardently and glorifies Thee more perfectly than all the other creatures put together.”  [True Devotion:  pg. 39, no. 63]

“Where two or three are gathered”: St. Louis de Montfort Consecration to Mary daily podcast, courtesy of Jennifer and Greg Willits of Rosary Army. May God continue to bless them in their apostolates.

Day Twenty-Seven:
Day Twenty-Eight:
Day Twenty-Nine:
Day Thirty:
Day Thirty-One:
Day Thirty-Two:
Day Thirty-Three:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Immaculate Heart Preparation:

Some Highlights from the Daily Reflections:

Day Twenty-Seven:

  • “I do not ask to increase in devotion but to belong to my Immaculate Heart.  Desire holiness in a way that your hearts burn with this ardent wish.  Pray for your sanctification; petition my heart to grace you with virtue and endow your soul with purity.”
  • The Holy Spirit waits within the soul for the arrival of His spouse.  When He finds that His spouse has come to take residence within a soul, He comes to enter in fullness.
  • Through the desire for holiness, Our Lady can give to your soul her own faith, which is the greatest of all faiths that ever was on earth.  She brings to you confidence, because you will not approach God alone, but always with her….Her spirit will enter into the place of yours, to rejoice in God.

Day Twenty-Eight:

  • “I ask you to bring to light the importance of God’s desire of consecration.”
  • “Be with me dear angel, allow my heart to shine forth to the world in you and through you.  Be in the peace of my Son.”
  • It was through Our Lady that the salvation of the world was begun, and it is through her, that it shall be consummated.  The Holy Virgin has been made known and revealed by the Holy Spirit, in order that through her, Jesus would be made known and loved.  God wishes now in these latter times, to make known His daughter, the masterpiece of His creation.  He wishes to be glorified and praised in her and through her by all.  Jesus came into our midst by the portal of heaven within her womb, and she must be recognized in order that Jesus may be also.  So it is by her, that all souls who are to shine forth, especially in sanctity, shall find Our Lord from within her Immaculate Heart.

Day Twenty-Nine:

  • “You are my donation of salvation.  You are in the end, the witness of my Son’s Sacred Heart and the manifestation of His love and mercy, by your participation and application of your consecration to my Triumphant Immaculate Heart.”
  • In these latter times, Our Lady shall shine forth like never before, in mercy, might and in grace….Most of all, Our Lady comes to rage battle against evil, for he shall rise up a cruel persecution and shall place terrible snares in the path to holiness.
  • What Satan has lost by pride, Mary has gained by humility.  What has been lost by disobedience, Our Lady gained by complete submission and abandonment.  In original sin, the paradise that God created was destroyed, but Mary, being a faithful servant, has come to save her children.

Day Thirty:

  • “My angel, look to the opportunities granted to you in the world today, to spread the call to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.  Do not allow one to escape you.”
  • “Very soon shall the clash of battle be seen in the streets and the sky.  No heart shall remain alone, they shall all be taken in either by my Immaculate Heart or the grasp of Satan – here are the two true choices; the soul shall be protected by grace or snatched up by evil.”
  • Her co-hort shall become the apostles for modern times.  They shall be ministers for the Triumph, who like a burning fire, shall enkindle the fire of divine love everywhere.  Our Lady shall pierce the hearts of the enemies with the fires of these consecrated hearts.
  • Send me forth into the world that I might gain for you even a single heart to present to God Father, as your donation of salvation.

Day Thirty-One:

  • “Time runs short my angel, call all together to be prepared for heaven’s great gift of the consecration to my Immaculate Heart….I tell you dear angel, I solemnly request you give your complete devotion and attention to this matter.”
  • …we know that the apostles for these times shall be true disciples of Christ.  They come to teach the message of the gospel in all its truth, with no compromises….They shall carry on their shoulders the cross, and the rosary in their hands.  Embedded in their hearts is the name of Mary and the reflection of Christ in their eyes.
  • Through the gift of the cross we shall be strengthened and fortified by its weight.  In the end, we too shall be filled with rejoicing at the moment of resurrection.

Day Thirty-Two:

  • “Just as He came from my womb as the Knight of Salvation for the world, so He desires now again to bring His tender and loving heart once more to His children.  He has chosen to give His Sacred Heart again, through my Immaculate Heart.”
  • From this co-hort belonging to Our Lady shall come the saints and examples for the future….The battle shall rage around them and they shall remain singularly focused on Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  They shall be illuminated by her light, strengthened by her hand, led by her spirit, supported by her arm and sheltered under her mantle of protection.
  • Devotion to Our Lady is necessary to all people for working out their salvation; it is still even more important for those who accept the call to perfection.

Day Thirty-Three:

  • “My angel, I wish to ask of my children before they begin their Act of Consecration, before the first word of the pledge of their hearts, that they should examine their interior motive.  This union of our hearts is made from the pure gift of love.  If this is not found to be the motive, the soul must stop, recollect itself and begin only when it is overwhelmed by love for my Immaculate Heart.”
  • “…with this embedded in the center of your heart, I am able to draw each heart along its path to my Son.”
  • “Yes my angel, I begin today to prepare the attitude of the hearts to be consecrated.”

Daily prayers:

The Apostles’ Creed, The Consecration prayer, The Angelus, The Chaplet of Virtues, The O’Maria prayer, The Pentecost prayer.

May you all be blessed in this, your final week of consecration preparation.  May you approach Our Lady with peace, love and joy, and with confidence in her love. 


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