Breath of Heaven

Brought back to mind by a dear friend, here is Amy Grant’s beautiful song of Mary, “Breath of Heaven”. 

[Edited to add:  This evening, as I was preparing some upcoming consecration highlights, I read these lines in the Immaculate Heart reflection for Day Twenty-Three:

“We are called to seek guidance and direction before the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us go before His divine presence to offer ourself to His holy will.  Let us contemplate the breath of heaven upon our heart and soul as given in our consecration.”


5 Responses

  1. Simply Beautiful song. Ant the suggestion for contemplation added in the edit, is something I will pick up on. Those kinds of “coincident” are so great and spiritually rewarding.

    btw I really like the “Prayer to The Lady of All Nations” in your sidebar. Speaking of a coincident: it was the first prayer card I got, (even before I became Catholic) It fell out of a second hand book I bought a while ago.


  2. Joakim, I was quite taken aback when I saw those lines, I must say. And there was a third thing as well. I went to the Sat. 5:00 p.m. Mass this weekend, and as the ciborium was being taken back to the tabernacle after Holy Communion, I was thinking about Jesus being alone again, when it suddenly occurred to me that since their hearts are united, since they are inseparable, that Mary must be with Him, or near Him, in the Blessed Sacrament. This has never occurred to me in my whole life, and I’ve never read anything about it. I got to thinking about all the times I’ve gone for adoration and never once thought about Mary being there.

    I was not really familiar with the Prayer to The Lady of All Nations before I began this site, Joakim. After a little bit of research about the “controversial line”, I put the approved prayer in the sidebar, because it is such an important prayer in terms of Our Lady’s Triumph.

  3. I love this song more and more.. daughter sent it to me with a bunch of others, on a CD that she, hubby and girls made when they thought they were too poor to give gifts. (Lord, we have lived too long in affluence not to realize what sort of gifts truly highlight a holy season.) But only now have I recalled what a former Pastor said of “Ruah” –the breath of the Holy Spirit, blowing where It will.. 🙂

    I’d never thought of Jesus being alone in the Chapel of His Tabernacle–I’ve long sensed Mary’s near presence, in a manner of speaking, for wherever He is, she’s near; tho’ I might say that the chapel itself felt like it was Her. But I’ve always thought of Him being alone in the locked Tabernacle. It is nice to realize that she is evernear, even in His quiet-dark waiting. 🙂

    I confess that I once went mental (well, textually, anyhow –the blast didn’t actually peel wallpaper off any walls) when I read “who once was Mary.” Who is she now — Betty Rubble? She is still Mary/Mariam; she is still Full-of-Grace, which to our ears sounds like the name Joachim and Anne gave her. I’m realizing more and more that everything about Mary is controversial. That the Church has made dogma for her sake should tell us everything we need to know. I like “Mother of All Peoples” way better than “Lady of All Nations.” But then again, I’m very very stubborn.

  4. The way I understand it is that the Blessed Virgin used the words, “who once was Mary” in the sense of her role while on earth, and now that she is glorified in heaven, Queen of Heaven, she makes herself known over and over again under different titles. I believe I’ve read Dr. Mark Miravalle explain it as something similar to Saul being given the new name Paul, or Simon being the new name Peter, to reflect their transformation, and I understand it also in the way that the saints, while on earth, often had it revealed to them what their true names were, e.g., Elizabeth of the Trinity and Sr. Faustina. But the Vatican didn’t want any misunderstandings about the phrase “who once was Mary”, so it is not in the approved prayer. I see it all over the Internet, though, despite it not being approved, even on sites where you wouldn’t expect to see it (although, that might be because they don’t know it is not approved).

  5. She suffered under the name “Mary.” Popes have taken her “M” on their papal insignia. Or at least one did. Mary is a holy name. I understand that not everyone would feel this way, but I don’t want anything taken from her; it isn’t Jesus Who is changing her name in “Lady of all Nations”, you know? There was such an uproar over this in.. was it Holland?

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